Raising Mustard Seeds 101

July 2008: Since I put up this page in August 2007, there have been a few changes in our situation, thus the revised edition in this beautiful magenta. ūüôā

July 2009: Editions in this lovely baby blue.

December 2009: Yet more changes

February 2012: I’m sure some things have changed since my last update…

101 Things You Might Want To Know (or not) About Me

1.¬† I love to eat.¬† Pretty much anything.¬† I used to¬†be the pickiest eater on the planet. ¬†This hasn’t changed. ūüôā

2.¬† I don’t cook with recipes.¬† So¬†my dishes never come¬†out¬†tasting the same.¬† That’s good and bad.

3.¬† I’m blessed to have a husband who would eat the same dish for the entire week.¬† Or so he says. I haven’t actually done it.

4.¬† My children like vegetables. wierd.¬† My¬†1st loves cauliflower, my 2nd is caesar salad queen.¬† My 3rd is having a relapse right now.¬† My 4th doesn’t know what he’s being fed. Edited to add: the 3rd has recovered from his relapse, but my 4th is in veggie & fruit boot camp now. #4 has improved his fruit selection. ¬†We are still working on the “green stuff”. ¬†sigh. #5 shows signs of being picky with veggies…uh oh…#5 loves cucumbers, used to love chinese broccoli which she called “tree trunks”.

5.¬† I can’t swim…I could doggy paddle but then I’d sink to the bottom in a hurry. ¬†Guess I’ll be learning how to swim since we’ll be getting a pool soon. ūüôā¬†Not much improvement in this area…the pool is too cold – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

6.  I hate to be in the open sea.  Hmm, I wonder why.

7.  I used to think there were sharks swimming under my bed.   I have the movie JAWS to thank for that.

8.  We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon.  I snorkelled in the open seas, while keeping an eye out for fins.  I hyperventilated when they tried to put scuba diving gear on me.

9.¬† I don’t like anything that slithers on the ground.¬† I can’t touch pages with snakes on them.¬† It gives me the willies. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing snakes at our new place. ¬†My first sighting – a 2-1/2 foot long garter snake. ¬†ugh. ¬†The children convinced MS dad to pick it up and put it in a bucket for them to play with for a while. ¬†I told them in no uncertain terms that they were NOT to bring it anywhere close to the house. ¬†They have since released it. ¬†

10.  I try not to pass on my paranoia to my children.  Nature study on creepy crawlies was difficult.

11.¬† My oldest has picked up on my tension.¬† She can’t touch pages with spiders on them.

12.¬† I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum¬†during my pregnancies, and not just in the first trimester.¬† That’s Latin for “excessive vomiting in pregnancy”. ¬†Pregnancy #6 ranks right up there with the worst I think.

13.  We have 4 make that 5 6 blessings.

14.¬† My¬†prayer for my children is that they be men and women after God’s heart.

15.¬† We homeschool¬†our children.¬† At first, I thought we’d homeschool until they got to junior high.¬† (due to my academic insecurities)¬† Now, I hope to¬†homeschool them until they’re married (in spite of my academic insecurities). ¬†We’ll now evaluate each year as it comes. ūüôā

16.  Actually, we like to call it home-EDUCATION, instead of home-SCHOOLING.

17.¬† Patience is not one of my virtues.¬†¬† In fact, it’s probably way down on the list.¬†I am so grateful for God’s grace. ¬†

18.¬† I pray for patience every day.¬† God’s still working on me.

19.  Home education is filling MY educational gaps.

20.¬† I have the lung capacity of a smoker.¬†¬†I don’t smoke.¬† Never have.

21.¬† My childhood nickname was “hum pao”.¬† That’s chinese dialect for “crybaby”.¬† I cried whenever someone made the mistake of looking at me.

22.¬† I have straight hair, straight as straight can be.¬† My mum convinced me to get a perm during school holidays when I was 8 years old (even though it was against school rules, at the time).¬† It was a horrible disaster.¬† I looked like a UFO landed on my head.¬† I had a new nickname…UFO head.

23.¬† When I went back to school, I got called up to the Principal’s office (a shaking-in-your-shoes kind of experience back then), and was¬†sternly¬†reprimanded and told¬†to chop off all signs of curls.¬† The UFO took off, and I now looked like a boy.

24.¬† After having my 4th baby,¬†my hair in the back (not ON my back!) got curly, but still super-straight everywhere else.¬† Chalk it up to hormones. ¬†My hair is now officially not straight. ¬†It’s not curly either. ¬†It’s kinda wonky crinky. ¬†Irritating.

25.¬† I have an older brother.¬† He’s not your normal older brother type.¬† He never hit me.¬† Ever.¬† I probably hit him lots of time.

26.¬† I was an extremely messy person.¬† You couldn’t see the floor of my bedroom.

27.¬† I now vacuum my home at least once a day.¬†¬†I don’t know where these dust bunnies come from. Dead skin, multiplied by 6¬†7 8¬†bodies, I suppose.

28.¬† Now I’m only a moderately messy person.¬† I try, really I do.

29.¬† I practice¬†Elimination Communication, aka Infant Potty Training.¬†¬† I used to laugh when the older folk told me to start training the babies to go in the potty.¬† I’m not laughing now.¬†I didn’t do this with baby #6. ¬†I couldn’t figure out how to do it with a boy. :p

30.¬† I’m not brave enough to do completely away with the diapers yet.¬†Still have diapers in the house.

31.¬† I’ve compromised by cloth diapering the baby and the 3yo.¬† My 3yo continues to befuddle me.¬† He refuses to make solid deposits into the shiny white bowl.¬†Edited to add: since I first started the list, I’m proud to announce that he is officially dumping in the bowl. ūüôāThe baby is now 2.5 years old and has been potty trained in the last 2 weeks (July 2008). Now the new baby is being potty trained…really, I’m serious ūüôā¬†– ¬†I totally slacked off with the baby and now she’s in disposables. ¬†But I’m trying to catch her poops again. ¬†And she seems to remember what to do whenever her diaper comes off, and rewards me with a pee everytime and makes a grunty noise even if she doesn’t need to poop. ¬†Tried going the cloth diaper route with #6. ¬†Now back to disposables. Sigh.

32.¬† There are days where you’ll find me muttering under my breath at the laundry tub, scrubbing cloth diapers.¬† Edited to add:¬† I still have to scrub the occasional baby poop This doesn’t apply right now since newborn poop isn’t that nasty. But I’ll leave it up here just in case it becomes a reality again. ¬†I’m toying with the idea of putting the toddler into cloth diapers. ¬†Still have my stash – so maybe I’ll be brave when #6 gets bigger and I can put him in some cute woolies.

33.  I started piano lessons when I was 3, after my parents heard me tinkering on the piano and playing a tune my brother was learning.

34.¬† My first piano teacher taught me to draw little chickens on the staff.¬† (Don’t ask me why, I don’t remember).

35.  My second piano teacher told my mum not to waste her money on piano lessons for me.

36.  I thrived under my third piano teacher.  My mum boasted to my second piano teacher.

37.  I quit formal lessons when my fourth piano teacher had this annoying habit of whacking my fingers while I was playing.

38.¬† I’m now giving my girls piano lessons.¬† And I don’t whack their fingers while they’re playing,¬†even though I sometimes feel like doing so.¬† Broke down and sent the older ones for piano lessons beginning in winter 2011. ¬†

39.¬† My oldest daughter is my character clone.¬† She’s bossy. I shouldn’t call it bossy. More like she has leadership qualities.

40.¬† She’s not my physical clone.¬† She’ll probably be taller than me by the time she’s 10.¬†My oldest officially overtook me in height shortly after her 11th birthday. ¬†ūüė¶

41.¬† I had my¬†4th baby at home, in my bedroom.¬† On purpose.¬† It was the most amazing experience.¬† If I could do it all over again, I would’ve had the other 3 at home as well. Baby #5 was born at home too.¬†So was baby #6, in our home in the country.¬†

42.¬†¬† I was a pastor’s kid.

43.¬† I married the elder’s son.

44.  I was 13 when I met my husband.  He was 14.

45.  I was a tomboy.  I played in big monsoon drains and climbed trees.

46.  I wrestled with my future husband and his younger brother when we were younger.  See #44.

47.  I made a hole in their basement wall with my knee.  How embarrassing.

48.¬† Note to self: Don’t let children repeat same mistake. i.e. #46, so #47 won’t happen.

49.¬† I didn’t have girly toys.¬† I played with my brother’s stuff.¬† My grandma gave me my first and only Barbie when I was 10.¬† It was a horse-riding Barbie.¬† I chopped off her hair and then lost her.¬† Maybe in the monsoon drain.

50.  Growing up, I hated frilly froo-froo dresses, especially the ones with poofy sleeves that make elastic marks on your arms.  My mum made me wear them to church.

51.  My wedding dress had a beaded lace bodice, complete with poofy sleeves.

52.¬† I tripped down the wedding aisle because they gave me the wrong crinoline and my dress didn’t poof out enough.¬† Not a pretty sight.¬† Thankfully I didn’t do a face plant.

53.¬† When I was an adolescent, I promised myself that I wouldn’t be like my mum.

54.¬† I’m not good at keeping promises.¬† I’ve become my mum.¬† It isn’t that bad.¬† Really, ask¬†my kids.

55.¬† I love dogs.¬† Grew up with them.¬† Our first dog was a hot dog, named Mickey.¬† He was full of huge ticks.¬† Our smartest dog was Cherry, a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Boxer mutt.¬† She caught cockroaches but didn’t eat them.¬† Just smacked them dead.¬† She loved onions and had the nastiest gas.¬† Our dumbest dogs were Bonzo and Basajno (Pilgrim Dad¬†– how the heck do you spell that name).¬† They were Cocker Spaniels that ate their own excretions.¬† Our last dog was Belle, a gorgeous Great Pyrenees, too chicken for her own good.¬† I cried for a whole year after we gave her away to a dairy farmer with 4 kids.

56.¬†¬†I’ve promised myself that we won’t get a dog until we have a larger backyard (preferably in the country). ¬†Lord willing, we’ll have that backyard in the country August 2009! ¬†Praise the Lord! We have that larger backyard. ¬†But no dog yet.¬†Wow, talk about outdated. ¬†We got the dog in January 2010. ¬†

57.¬† It pains me that my kids are scared stiff of dogs.¬† Edited to add: They’re getting much better now, after having had several good experiences with friends’ dogs.¬† YAY!! ¬†My oldest is reminding me that we’ve got to get a dog soon. ¬†#4 will have to get over his trepidation of dogs quickly.¬†¬†#4 is now a lot better since playing with our neighbour’s black lab Sheena.¬†Everyone’s cool with dogs now.

58.  I have mild scoliosis Рa deformity of the spine.

59.¬† The type of scoliosis I have is called lateral curvature, which means that you’ll see an S-shaped curvature of my spine, if you look at my back while I bend to touch my toes. ¬†My chiro says that my spine is now within acceptable range. i.e perfectly normal now! Praise the Lord!¬†Now my cervical vertebrae’s problematic. ¬†It’s going in the opposite direction to what it’s supposed to be.¬†

60.¬† I can’t touch my toes anymore.¬†I can, now.

61.  I get to blame scoliosis for my height.

62.¬† I’m 5’3″.¬† I could’ve been…5’5 maybe?¬†I’m clearly delusional.

63.  I hate to pay full-price for anything.  I love a good bargain.

64.¬† My favourite stores¬†are Goodwill & Value Village. ¬†I’ve since found out that Value Village is “for profit” as opposed to Goodwill’s non-profit. ¬†That changes my feelings towards Value Village a tad.¬†

65.  I wanted to be a vetenarian.

66.¬† I can’t¬†handle the sight of blood, unless it’s my own.¬† Good thing I didn’t become a vet.

67.  I think better in the middle of the night.  I guess that makes me a night owl?

68.  Bubbly morning people bother me.

69.¬† I have on my schedule to wake up at 5:30am. Since MS Dad went back to work in June 2009, I’ve scheduled my wake-up time to be 6:00am, a far cry from the late mornings I was enjoying while MS Dad stayed home during his 11-month parental leave.¬†6am??? cough cough…

70.¬† Still working on it.¬† Got to set a good example to the children. Baby is my alarm clock now. She’s waking me up at 4:30am to nurse and I’m up for the day, otherwise I won’t make the 5:30 ¬†– I am really struggling with waking up in the mornings. ¬†That’ll be my 2010 new year’s resolution. ¬†So I have 27 days to get my act together.¬†Still working.

71.¬† If I had the means, I’d love to¬†travel to Europe, with my family of course. ¬†I think I’m quite happy exploring my surroundings right now. ¬†Flying with 5 children in tow is not very appealing.¬†Make that 6 children. ¬†A trip to the store is adventure enough right now.

72.  I have flat feet.  Ultra flat.  No-water-can-puddle-under-my-feet flat.

73.¬† I’m dreaming of a home with land, lots and lots of land.¬†A home with a nice big country kitchen. Lots of land-check. ¬†Kitchen-not quite as big as I imagined- but that’s ok.¬†

74.  My first car was a black 1985 Volkswagon Scirocco.  My parents used it to bribe me to stay in town for university.

75.  I accepted the bribe.

76.¬† I had the car before I got my driver’s license.

77.  I found out firsthand what menopausal women are capable of.

78.  I got rear-ended on the highway by one.  Not once, but twice.

79.  Thankfully, I was driving a VW Jetta and not the dinky Honda at the time.  Otherwise I would probably have been rammed right into the ditch.

80.¬† I like German cars.¬† They’re solid.

81.¬† I drive a Honda odyssey.¬† They don’t make German cars large enough to fit the family. ¬†See #82

82.¬† Well, they do, but they don’t sell them¬†anymore in Canada.¬† My neighbour has a 9-passenger Eurovan.¬† He uses it to haul canvasses.¬† I’m not coveting the van.¬†Not coveting, because now we have a 12-passenger German people-hauler (MS dad’s company perk)….the Mercedes Benz Sprinter that we’ve nicknamed Tiny

83.  I can remember lots of numbers.  I can tell you my credit card numbers complete with expiry dates without looking at my cards.

84.¬† I now have to remember a new set of numbers because they changed some of my cards due to a “possible security breach”.¬† Bummer. I’ve got the new numbers memorized. ¬†That tells you my spending habits, doesn’t it?! ¬†

85.  I tried out for the cheerleading squad in highschool.

86.¬† I didn’t make the cut.¬† I wonder if it was because I ended up sitting on my friend’s head after he threw me up into the air.¬† He was incidentally my physics tutor and a very good friend, and also the one who encouraged me to try out for the team.

87.  That was one of the top 10 most embarrassing things that happened to me. (the landing on the head thing)

88.¬† My husband sews better than me.¬† Actually, come to think of it, I don’t sew. Edited to add: I’m now learning how to sew. ¬†¬†I sew pretty decently now. Just don’t look too closely. ¬†Have not done much sewing since we moved. ¬†ūüė¶

89.¬† I have 2 sewing machines sitting in the basement, collecting dust.¬† One handed down by my mum, the other by my husband’s aunt.¬† Edited to add: only 1 is collecting dust, the other one is seeing sunlight. ¬†We got the girls their own sewing machine for their respective 10th birthdays. ¬†It’s cool to hear the soft hum of their machines.

90.  I must look domestically inclined or something.

91.¬† Wow, it’s hard to think of 101 things about one’s self.¬† It’s taking me a while to get this page together. My latest completed sewing projects were 3 baby rag quilts for friends and a reversible baby sling for our baby

92.¬† I love a good book.¬† I’ll stay up all night to finish it.¬† Not a good thing since I’ll pay for it dearly the next day. My SIL just lent me a book she says is very good. I’m afraid to crack open the cover.

93.¬† When I’m stressed out, I get my flour out and make bread.¬† The kneading and pounding of the dough is therapeutic.

94.¬† I just bought myself a heavy duty kitchen mixer that’ll knead 6 loaves of bread at a time.¬† I guess I’ll have to find another outlet for stress relief.

95.¬† I’ve been a christian since I was a kid.

96.¬† But I’ve only been a lover of Christ for the last few years.¬† I’ve wasted a lot of years.¬† I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

97.  My goal in life now is to be devoted to my God, husband, and children.

98.  We named our homeschool Mustard Seed Academy Рa reference to Matthew 13:31-32.

99.  Hence the name of my blog Рspending my life raising mustard seeds that will prayerfully one day be mighty warriors for God.

100. If you’ve made it down this far, kudos to you.

101.¬† Because¬†I’m not very good with words…my brain is always thinking about things, but I find it hard to put it down on paper.

And there you have it, 101 (well, almost I guess…) things about me.¬† And now back to your regular programming….



  1. believe it or not I enjoyed this. congrats on reaching the 101 post!

  2. it is good to get to know you! please visit my blog sometime. :o)

  3. Hello. Just wanted to let you know I have also enjoyed reading your blog. I have 4 little ones- our youngest was born on Valentine’s Day 2009. It has taken me a long time to get into a routine again. I love the Youtube of your son reciting scripture. My husband and I also are trying to be diligent in instilling scripture memorization in our family as well. We’re (DH, our eldest at 5 yrs, and myself) currently reciting Romans 6. It is indeed a blessing to hear scripture out of the mouth of babes. The ‘Go Forth and Multiply’ blog was also good for me read, as we have been approached multiple times asking the dreaded question, “Are you guys done?” I’d like to give people a straight answer and say, “Yes,” or “No”. Yes, I’m done—is the answer my flesh likes to respond in in my sleep deprived state. “No”- when I have those ever so quiet moments while nursing or when I see/and experience my child’s heart choosing obedience over selfishness. However, the best answer seems to be that we are trusting in faith that God is going to give us the right number of children. OK….I must stop here. It’ s way late. Again, thank you. Your blogs and scriptures and inspired me.

  4. Lynnette,

    I read through your entire blog in one sitting and feel like I have had a good long, long conversation with you, having caught up with your life, and got to know a wee bit about your children too…

    You are amazing! I am very PROUD OF YOU, juggling the very many balls daily. Your honesty and humour show promise of a good writer in the making.

    Now that I have found your link I will stay in touch!

    Many hugs, and much love to all of you–that’s 8!

    Aunty Jeanette (Singapore)

  5. I am so touched by your blog ~ beautiful, inspiring, hilarious, insightful, uplifting, honest, and the list goes on….Love, love, love it!

    Thank you for sharing, Lynnette ~ you are truly blessed with an amazing family, and an eye to catch the day-to-day details and conversations that influence and impact us for better or for worse.

    I’m so glad to be reacquainted with you! Forgot how sharp your humor can be too ūüôā

    • Thanks Liann. To God be all glory!

      Um, yeah, I’m sharp. I cringe when I remember the times I wasn’t very nice to you when we were children @ DTC. ūüė¶ I am sorry for being so mean. Please forgive me….30 years later.

  6. Hi Lynette,

    on Sept 6, your brother Leslie and Dawn and their three boys came for a DTC reunion with Aunty Roz and Uncle Howard were in town. It brought back many memories indeed, and many enquired after you too. Wished you were here!
    Love, Aunty Jeanette

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