Photo Headers

I’m thinking of changing my blog photo header now & then just for fun. 🙂

I hope you’ll enjoy this glimpse into our family’s life!


May 2006 – A family vacation to remember.  With 4 children in tow, ages 6, 4, 2 & 4 months, we rented a 30-foot motorhome and toured Alberta & British Columbia for a month.  This shot was taken at Lake Lucerne, B.C. right at our campsite during sunset. It was gorgeous, the water was so still – the reflection of the trees & mountains in the water was breathtaking.

Jan 2009 – These photos adorn our living room wall. Did you notice how they’re a tad askew? After uploading the shot onto my header, I was tempted to straighten it up, take another shot and use the new “perfect” shot. But that wouldn’t show what they really look like, most of the time, anyway – wonky. A perfect reflection of how it is in our home most time, wonky.

Sep 2009 – This was taken in Toronto, after the wedding ceremony of some family friends. The girls love wearing their dresses and the boys, well, as long as it doesn’t feel scratchy, they’re cool with whatever clothing we give them.

Nov 2009 – Now that I look at it some more, it looks like we’re getting ready to set ourselves on fire atop a big stack of wood. hmm.

Dec 2009– Christmas morning in our grungies

Mar 2010 – Pancakes & bacon with our homemade maple syrup! Yum.




Sep 2010 – All our babies, at approximately 3.5 months old. From left to right, Moose, Bubba, Megalos, Roste, Big Mac





Oct 2010 – Updating the line-up to include Chubs. So once again, from left to right: Moose, Bubba, Megalos, Chubs, Roste & Big Mac

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