Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | February 20, 2012

Sugaring Season 2012 – Update #2

Last week, I decided to put in some test taps.  Mrs. Impatient. Yes, that would be me.

All 5 taps I put in were bone dry, despite the temperatures supposedly being over 0 degrees.  I put in 2 more taps in another part of the yard.  Nothing. Nada. Zilch.  And worse, I got a drill bit stuck in the 2nd last tap.  Boo.

That bit didn’t get pulled out till the next day – I needed my strong man to go get it. 🙂  But the exciting part was when he got the bit out, the sap was dripping. YAY!

A few days later, I noticed one of my taps was leaking – (my drilling leaves a lot to be desired), so sap was coming out, but not into the bucket.  I’ve fixed it (I hope), and will have to keep an eye on it the next few days to see if anything’s going into the bucket.

This long weekend (Family Day, a relatively new holiday courtesy of the McGuinty government), we got sideswiped by a nasty bug.  It started Friday with Bubba (#3) – he slept pretty much the entire day. By Saturday morning, I wasn’t feeling all that great.  By evening, it was full-blown for me and so after mustering every ounce of energy to cook up some dinner for the family, I went to sleep, first in the family room by the woodstove, and then after nursing the baby before his bedtime, in my bed.

Sunday morning, a few more members succumbed – MS Dad, Megalos, Big Mac, and Chubs.  This is one strong bug. We have the chills, fevers, coughing and aches.  Not fun.  Moose and Roste are doing relatively well, compared to the rest of us.  They just have the coughs.  I’m praying that they won’t get the full-blown version we have.

What did you say? Oh. Yes. This was supposed to be a sugaring update.  Sorry, I got a little sidetracked.

But then again, there’s no sugaring if I can’t go out to tap now, can there?

ANYWAY. Today I was feeling better, my body wasn’t aching like it was on Saturday and Sunday.  Still feeling light-headed and some chills, but nothing like the first couple of days.  I looked out, saw the beautiful sun shining down, and said “this has got to be a tapping day” to no one in particular. I checked the weather and it definitely looked like a sap running kind of day.

My body didn’t budge from the seat by the fire.  I hate when that happens.

It took a while for my body to cooperate with my mind.  But I did eventually drag myself up the stairs, gathered my tools, (only to find that the special drill bit I bought a few days ago did not make it into the plastic bag. ARGH.  And this place is in Elmira-  45 minutes west of us!) and made my way out into the glorious sunlight.

The weather was perfect for tapping.  Unfortunately, my weakened physical state meant that after trekking up and down a hill to put in 4 taps plus the necessary tubing, I was whooped. Sad. I had to go back indoors to rest. (I am so going to get in trouble with my dad.)  BUT the sap is dripping. *doing the happy dance*

After resting a little, I went back out again, determined to put in a few more.  I think I got in about another 8 taps, before my cordless drill ran out of juice.  Moose was out this time and he helped tap in some spiles, hang buckets and lids.  He was running around the trees, shouting excitedly that there was water in some of the buckets. haha.     After it was reported to the inhabitants of the home, Big Mac (#2), who is one of the sicker ones, made her way out to help me.  See what a little sap can do for a person? 🙂

So as of today, there are now a total of 19 taps in approx. 14 trees.  I’d like to say that the plan is to put the rest in in the next few days, but I’d rather not.  I’ll just do whatever I can.

This is definitely much earlier than the March 1 start we had a couple of years ago.  But, with our wacky weather, I figure if I can get some done at the front end, I won’t be too upset finishing earlier, and hopefully end up with a decent amount of syrup.

Sorry for the picture-less post.  I only had 2 hands to carry my barang-barang. (for my Canadian friends – that’s Malay for your stuff/personal belongings) And I won’t tell you how many times I dropped various implements into the snow.  So the camera stayed indoors.  I’ll get it out the next time it’s nice out.

According to the writing how-to book that the girls have just started on, you’re not supposed to end a piece of writing with “The End”.


To Be Continued.



  1. You all need to rest if you want a faster recovery. So pace yourself. Your few bottles of maple syrup cannot make up for your healths. The Kwa sa I gave you likely helped. But after Kwa sa, you cannot, cannot , cannot expose yourselves to the cold!!! The end may be worse than the beginning! Listen to wisdom please.

    • Oops, you forgot to tell me that last bit. If it helps, I bundled up. It felt nice to get some fresh air, though.

      • OK as long as you are bundled up well as the fresh air is good. But rest after each half hour.

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