Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | January 20, 2012

Photo Challenge Part 3

Day 10: Childhood

My youngest, 7 months into his childhood years, trying to get the attention of my oldest, who at almost 12, is at the cusp between her childhood and adolescent years

Day 12: Close-up

Burning wood
(See if you can find any interesting images in this photograph!)

Day 13: In Your Bag

What I found in my bag today (Clockwise from L to R): Diapers, chiropractic “zappy” cards (yes, that’s 7 cards! 1 for each child + mine), kids’ immunization cards, kids’ health cards (realizing a few weeks ago that I didn’t receive one for the Chubs!), a hospital wrist band (when I brought Chubs to the ER a few days ago – he’s fine), a few “trying to look alive” products :), and my wallet.

I’m surprised I didn’t find a dirty diaper in it. hahaha.  I gave up carrying a handbag a long time ago – when the babies started arriving.  I quickly switched out of carrying a “diaper bag”, preferring instead a generic looking bag that I could stuff with baby things.  The most challenging times were when I had two in diapers – but that wasn’t too frequent.  But most times, I probably under-pack.  Don’t know why.  I guess I just hate lugging around a lot of stuff.  But then the whole family thinks my bag is for their barang barang (stuff).  So many Sundays, I’d find everyone’s bibles stuffed into my bag.  I solved that problem by giving the girls their own little bags.  And MS Dad knows to not put his in my bag now. 🙂



  1. I carry a haversack with all of Jonathan’s necessities! Still you managed! haha

    • Serene, I do that too – use a backpack – especially if we are going to be walking a lot.

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