Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | January 14, 2012

2012 Here I Come!

It’s 2 weeks into 2012! Wow!

A new year. An opportunity to start afresh. Goal setting. Eager anticipation of what this year will bring.

For many years now, I’ve passed on making New Year’s resolutions. It was too depressing because invariably by the end of the month, I’d pretty much given up.

Well, not this year. I’ve been working on a list…specifically my 40 by 40 list. 🙂 Yup, I’ll be turning 40 this November, Lord willing.

I split my list into 4 broad categories – Spiritual/Mental, Physical, Practical, and Family goals. Some of those goals include the 3650 challenge , practicing contentment 🙂 (spiritual), getting on the treadmill 3x a week & working on my miles/minute time!, losing a specified amount of poundage/inches (physical), learning how to change a tire, starting our veggie garden (practical), playing games with my children each week, having a girls’ night out once a month (family).

Ambitious? You bet! Daunting? Very much so! BUT, as Zig Ziglar said, one cannot succeed as a wandering generality. You must be a meaningful specific. So, I’m setting my targets and aiming at them. And praying that, by God’s grace, I will hit some of them, and that in everything that I am striving towards, I will glorify the One that is the sole purpose of my life.



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