Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | December 16, 2011

Let It Snow 2011

Our backyard looked like this 6 short days ago:

After spending the week before patiently filling up this massive 35 x 40 foot rink with water, the temperatures dipped low enough to get it to this stage…sort of.  It was during this time we realized just how unlevel our ground was.  The corners of the rink have close to a foot of water…and the middle?  A measly couple of inches, if even.

I’ll spare you the details.

The important part is this: WHEN DO WE GET TO SKATE ON IT???

To the delight of the children, it was last Sunday, Dec 11.  Night time, no less.  At the children’s pestering, MS dad went out to test the ice, and declared it fit to skate on….except for a few areas deemed iffy.

So they all laced up and had a grand ‘ol time.  Fortunately we have a floodlight right on the deck that MS dad is able to twist around to light up most of the rink.  But we’re on the hunt for another floodlight thingy so we can light up the far end of the rink.

Monday & Tuesday saw the kids out there skating…the boys pretty much the whole day, and the girls in between their schoolwork.  It was awesome.  And I get to enjoy it all from the warmth (a relative term in my house) of the indoors.  For the fun of it, and just so I could say I tried, I rummaged through the storage area to find a pair of skates to put on.  I’ve never really enjoyed skating, to be honest.  Women’s skates are downright uncomfortable.  My feet were always cold and hurt like the dickens.  Probably because I have flat feet.  I solved the cold problem by putting wool socks on.  But I haven’t solved the flat feet problem.  Anyway, I took them out, walked out to the deck, skates in hand, and was greeted with shouts of joy from my shocked and surprised children.  You see, daddy is the skater in the family.  He’s the one out there with them.  Me, I’m the 2 feet on the ground kind of girl, remember?

I laced up, with my children watching intently… I think they were trying to figure out if I was REALLY going to get on the ice.  The girls politely asked if I knew how to skate.  🙂 I said, “well, um, I’ve skated before.  But I’m not sure how this is going to work out. And besides, the blades on these skates are really blunt, and I don’t know if I’m going to get anywhere on them. But thank you for asking.”  Or perhaps a shortened version of that.

Well, the bad news was that the blades WERE really blunt and were no help. But the good news was I didn’t fall flat on my face or on my tush.  The bad news was my feet hurt like the dickens. But the good news – my feet were warm and toasty in my wool socks.  I didn’t last very long.  I skated a few rounds, made myself useful by cleaning the ice, and then got out of way of my crazy boy (moose) zipping around me.

 Notice the shovels and hockey sticks strewn at the far end of the rink? That’s the no-skate zone.  It was still not frozen right through in those areas.

But the forecast for the latter part of the week was not looking very promising.  The temperatures were staying above 0 and by Wednesday & Thursday, we were supposed to go to double digits (above 0!) Oy.  All that hard work of getting our ice.  Sigh.

Sure enough, by Wednesday, it was getting pretty slushy when the kids went on.  Wednesday evening saw rain. And Thursday.  Well Thursday was a wash out.  And the rink became a pond.  There is now no more snow on the ground as well.  It is all brown.

So sad.  And it doesn’t look very promising for next week as well.  It’s hovering around the 0 mark, with a very low possibility of precipitation, or rather I should say the white kind of preciptation.  hahaha get it? The white kind?

OK. That was lame. Sorry.  I think I’m hungry. And in need of some sugar fix.

This time last year we had this:

We (and I use the term “we” loosely) were rolling in nice white stuff on Christmas day:

Unless the weather forecasters are wrong (which they’ve been a lot of times this past year), we’ll be mucking around in wet brown leaves in the forest, and fishing debris out of our rink pond this Christmas.

And Maple (not to mention the children) will continue to trek in mud and gunk into the house.




  1. Love your rink pond! I’m sure it’ll freeze up again in the new year…Hope you have a Merry Christmas ya’ll!

    • It’s now the consistency of crushed ice. So sad.

      Merry Christmas to you and the family!

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