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Children update part 2

Just realized that I didn’t finish updating on the children from this post back in September. Sorry. My bad.  Story of my life. sigh.

I think I left out the 3 oldest ones…

Bubba: He’ll be 7.75 years old at the end of this month.  He is still one of the quieter ones in the bunch and it takes a lot of coaxing to get him out of his shell.  But this past Spring, after only a few months of piano lessons, he actually got up in front of a crowd of strangers and played his pieces, confidently and even with a little musical swag.  🙂  And on Wednesday, he got up with his class at church to perform a song.  Very cool.

Admittedly, the boys have me a little stumped in terms of how to keep them busy.  I could teach them to cook, bake, and sew.  Those are good skills to have whether boy or girl.  But they really need to have some boy boy things to do, and that gets tricky with them spending most of their waking time with me and the girls.  MS dad has been picking up some little tools for Bubba to muck around with.  They scare me a little, but I guess he has to start some where.  Here he is above with an ax (?).  A few weeks ago, he’d ask me if he could take his ax and go outside and “cut down a tree”.  This was during the day, when MS dad was at work.  I was quite reluctant to let him go without supervision, but they (he and Moose) assured me that dad had taught them exactly what they should and should not do.  So, I let them go, them walking out the door, with my cautionary instructions trailing behind them.

A little later, they came back in to show me, quite proudly, their handiwork.  They’d conquered a sapling. hahaha.

Another time, after MS dad had finished building our ice rink frame, Bubba had access to the leftover lumber pieces.  So he brought his toolbox (yes he has his own – our birthday present to him when he was 6 I think) outside and started hammering pieces together.  I think he said he was making a boat.  okey dokey.  I’m good as long as no fingers get nailed or hammered on.  There was no blood that day.

School has been slightly more challenging with him.  I’ve found the need to do things differently with him, than with the girls.  I’ve been a little stressed with it, but learning very slowly not to compare and just to take it one step at a time.

He’s our soft, sensitive guy, always willing to oblige with a big hug, complete with a big smile.  And if you get him laughing, (and I mean LAUGHING) you could be forgiven if you thought that our sweet boy just became Woody Woodpecker right in front of your eyes.  I should really record it for posterity. It’s quite something.

Big Mac:It’s hard to believe she’ll be 10 in 2 weeks!  I still remember the day she was born.  She was my sunny-side up baby, my “you’re having back labour” baby, my “she’s stuck in the birth canal” baby.  My “take the epidural and hope she’ll turn on her own, or we’ll go in and get her” baby.  My “took the epidural, got poked in the wrong place and lost feeling in one of my legs for half a day” baby.  See, told you I remembered the day. 🙂

The 2 girls learnt to ride horses over the past year.  It was a Christmas gift from last year, and then got extended into the spring & summer (MS dad felt generous and said it was “payment” for their help in log hauling in the spring”)  So for a good half year, the girls had weekly lessons. Fridays couldn’t come fast enough for these girls.  We did see that it made them more confident, which you have to be, with these big hulking creatures.  As much as I loved seeing them enjoying this time, I was a little glad when the lessons came to an end.  The horses were moving faster, they were doing jumps as well.  As Megalos would say, “I LOVE jumping! It feels like I’m flying!”  Yeah, my momma’s heart is flying as well, right out of my chest cavity.

Yes, yes, I know. I’m a party pooper.  I’m a 2 feet on the ground kind of girl.  No sense of adventure.  And yes, I’ve got to lighten up.  I’m TRYING.  But, no, no plans for more horse riding lessons, as far as I know.  It’s a little co$tly, if you know what I mean.

I’m so thankful for Big Mac.  This year she has really been a great big sister, taking care of the little ones, cooking up meals during the day.  She’s usually the first one to remind me that lunch is around the corner, and “what should we make for lunch today?”  Then she’ll scrounge around in the pantry and fridge and come up with something edible. 🙂  No one goes hungry here with her around. hahaha.

And now, as I sit here pondering the past year, I’ve just realized something else that’s changed.  She’s grown up this year. A LOT.  As in, she’s a lot more aware of what’s happening around her now.  Years past I would moan about how my #2 seemed to be on a different time zone.  It’s just dawned on me that some time during this year, that’s not the case now.  How could I have missed that??!  Goodness.  That’s a major thanksgiving item!

Wow, I’m so shell shocked now that my mind’s gone blank.


Sorry, but this is a really big deal.  I’m trying to think back to whether there was a moment in time when this change occurred, or whether it was a gradual thing…

OK, OK. I’ll think on my own time.

And we come to Megalos.

Our first born.

The picture above was taken last September 2010.

Then, without permission, our little girl turned into this young lady:

July 2011

She turned 11 in February this year, and was probably about 1/2 inch shy of being my height (a paltry 5’3″).  She continued her upward march in height and very easily overtook me shortly after that, and continued pinging off family members.  🙂

April 2011

Here she is in the spring, wearing my work jeans.  My 11 year old wears my clothes!! Just to clarify – that would be my pre-pregnancy clothes. 🙂  And she doesn’t have to suck in her tummy to get into the jeans.

Oh. My. Word.  It’s crazy.  She looks so much older than her years.  I sometimes wonder what people are thinking when we’re out and about.  Imagine this scene.  Mother out grocery shopping with 6 children hanging off the cart…or wait, is that a mother with her 5 children and 1 grandson, the oldest obviously a teenager mom because she’s carrying a baby? tsk tsk tsk.

Who knows. As you can imagine, the size of our brood usually attracts stares as is.  Now with Megalos usually carrying Chubs, with that seasoned ease of hooking him on her hip, it sure looks like she could be the mother. Quite funny.

Dec 2011

This is us, (sorry about the horrible picture…as you can tell, we’re still trying to figure out our camera)…last week decorating our tree.  Skinny and chubby versions of me.  hahahaha.  NOT. I’m trying to hide behind the tree, can you tell? 🙂

As of today, she’s about 5’6 now.  And shows no sign of slowing down.  As Big Mac so plaintively notes, “I’M SHRINKING!! HUMPH!!!”  I concur.

She and I are working on our mother-daughter relationship.  It’s an interesting season for both of us, and I desperately wish my mom was here for some encouragement and advice.  I think she would have smiled at what we are going through right now, and would be trying to hold back the “See, I told you so.” 🙂

At the same time, despite the challenges of being a mother to a girl blossoming into a lady, we are enjoying the benefits of having older children.  Conversations are more interesting, (not dissing conversations with 5 year olds, you understand), board games from our (MS dad & my) younger days are making its way out of storage now.  Fun times.  When it isn’t hair-pulling times.

Another benefit of having a girl who looks like she’s 16?  She can sit up in the front seat of my van with the children at the back while I do a quick stop at a store.  You would understand this last one if you had errands to do with 2 or more kids in car seats.  haha.

And that, my friends, is a little snapshot of our 6 wonderful blessings.  It’s a wild and hairy ride.  And the Lord is definitely using each of them in a different and unique way to shape and mold me.   I have to trust that we will all come out of this process in a way that glorifies Him.



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  2. Wow ~ your eldest does look like a mini-you! What a beautiful family you have…

  3. wonderful catching up on what’s happening. xo barb

  4. Enjoyed reading your journal. You have a beautiful family. God bless you this coming year with grace and wisdom. Keep up the good work!

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