Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | September 30, 2011

While I was gone….

…Wordpress changed it’s look. 🙂

Shall I just get you caught up on the happenings around here?

1) will be 4 months old tomorrow!! He has filled out very nicely, after putting me (& himself, I guess) through a traumatic 2.5(?) months of nursing. Ironically, my 6th child required finger & tube feedings, trips to the breastfeeding clinic, and extra attention from my midwife for the first couple weeks. Very humbling.

2) Just 2 days ago, we finally assembled the playpen in our bedroom for him to sleep in. Before that, he was sleeping in our bed. But he’s been inch-worm “crawling” around, so it’s too dangerous for him now to be alone on the bed.

3) a very smiley one. 🙂 He’s also been gurgling and chortling, which thrills his siblings (& us) to no end!

4) hates his carseat and can be counted on, quite reliably, to grace us with his loud cries on car trips. And we’re not talking about 10 minute car trips. More like 45-minute trips to and from church. Can you say, “Ouch”??

5) has refused every pacifier I’ve given him (just like both his brothers). Has found his finger…more accurately, his pointer finger on his left hand, and his thumb on his right hand. Strange. Here’s a picture I just took while he’s hanging out with me on my bed this evening.

1) turned 3 in July and has learnt this summer to swim without a swim noodle. Well, not really swim, more like doggy paddle – with her head barely above the water. Her non-swimming mummy is freaking out about this.

2) still cracks us up with her funny antics. For example, one day she’d come into my room and inquired about an object that was sitting on my night table. My first reaction to her inquiry was, “Leave it” (as in, don’t touch it). To which, she very indignantly replied, “But I’m NOT a dog!” As you might have guessed, the “leave it” command is what we say to Maple when we want her to…leave it. hahaha

3) is learning that even though she’s very cute, she can’t get away with EVERYTHING. (We were rather delinquent in our discipline with this one, and are now reaping the unfortunate consequences of it.)

1) continues to amaze us with his athleticism. He’s like a speeding bullet. A lead one. He’s dangerous, this one. Come to think of it, his nickname “Moose” is quite appropriate. 🙂

2) will be 6 in January 2012, and is eager to outshine his older brother, in sports, academics, pretty much anything, much to our chagrin. And he’s not shy about it too. In fact, he’ll tell everyone and anyone what he can do, and what Bubba can’t do. Ugh. We’ve had to have many talks with him. Interestingly, I was reading with the 2 boys Aesop’s “Tortoise & the Ducks”, in which the moral of the story was how pride & vanity leads to misfortune (the tortoise falls from the sky and gets smashed to bits 🙂 ). That story has stuck with the boys, and now whenever Moose starts to get a little prideful, we ask him if he’s being Mr. Tortoise. We all end up chuckling, remembering the story. Just the other day, we were driving home from our church mid-week program, and MS Dad asked Moose if he was one of the faster boys when playing tag. Usually we’d get a very proud “yes, I’m fast.” type answer. This time, his reply was a little giggle, followed by a rather modest-sounding “Welllllll…..” hahaha.

3) loves to tag along whenever I want to run some errands without all the children. I’m learning to welcome that request enthusiastically (even though I was wishing for some time alone.) And I’ve never regretted bringing him along because I get to spend some much needed one-on-one with him.

Lots more to post, but the baby has decided that he’s done lounging around quietly. So, I will post again later.


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