Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | May 5, 2011

We smell bad

It’s that time of year again. Wild leek season. Also known as ramps, which cost an arm and a leg if you were to buy it at the farmer’s market.

And we get it all for free… 🙂
(this was taken last May)

Our favourite way of preparing them is making it into potato & leek soup. My heightened sense of smell during pregnancy makes it a little hard to cook them; the whole house reeks of garlicky onion. But yum, does it taste good!

We’ll be having lots of soup the next few weeks. It’ll help with the sky-rocketing grocery budget…well, it’s nice to be optimistic.


  1. We had someone picked us a bunch of the leeks and also one big bag of fiddleheads. The leek soup was fabulous, and the fiddleheads mixed with a salad of sliced carrots, green pepper, and cucumber and chopped garlic, with a tinge of vinegar and light sauce was so delicious! All organic and picked up from the fields in Brampton area for free! The extra fiddleheads are now dried in the sun to be kept for winter use.

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