Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | May 3, 2011

My poor neglected blog – Part 1

You’ve noticed the pattern, haven’t you? Blog, blog, blog, get pregnant, no blog no blog no blog. Then somewhere in the 3rd trimester, I re-emerge,
like the spring flowers that have begun to pop up in the woods, the green that is now sprouting up from the brown floor.

I just downloaded more than 400 photos from the camera, dating back to January.  It was nice looking through the pictures.

Here’s a recap:

December: We celebrated Big Mac’s birthday with a cool carousel cake, baked by Megalos.
January: Moose’s 5th birthday with a race-track cake, courtesy of…you guessed it…Megalos
Enjoying the daddy-created ice rink this year…Can you believe this is the first year the boys have ever been on skates??! We were quite amused with Moose – he seems to have a natural talent – he picked up skating very quickly and was quite game with handling the hockey stick.

Here’s Roste learning how to cut a bell pepper, with a steak knife. She was quite pleased with herself.

February: Megalos and her cousin turned 11. They were born 11 days apart.
Celebrating her birthday on the actual day…I believe the cake was baked by Big Mac – a chocolate sheet cake. yum.
Getting pummelled with snow this year. Much to the delight of the children. Especially when the snow is packing snow. This was a big project – Great wall of China.

March: I have 2 sets of pictures for this month. The first one was taken on the 6th: The only thing separating me from that muskrat was the sliding door in the dining room. I was relaxing on my rocking chair by the door, when I looked out and down to this horrible present dropped there by Maple. I did what any self-respecting city girl would’ve done: shrieked and jumped out of my chair to get away from this piece of nastiness. MS Dad took the picture.

After the 6th, we must’ve been too busy to pick up the camera, because the next set of pictures was taken at the end of the month, Bubba’s 7th birthday. Here’s his cake…yup by Megalos. This time, a dinosaur theme.The birthday boy, (who just lost his 2nd tooth, but the first one we were able to keep; we think the other one went into his tummy. We couldn’t find it.) and his younger brother, who also just lost his first bottom tooth (at 5?!!).

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