Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | March 31, 2011

Out of Hibernation

It’s been a long cold winter. Not complaining. Just a fact.

Spring came last week but we got dumped with a new load of snow on the first full day of spring and everything was white again. It is now melting again, and with the melt comes mud piles, and Roste has had several falls into them, resulting in my having to wash her jackets pretty much every other day.

I’ve been putting on an insane amount of winter and baby fat. (29 weeks) I now officially weigh more than MS dad.ugh.

So much that I got really antsy and decided to go for the glucose test to rule out gestational diabetes. I got a call from my midwife on Tuesday saying I flunked the screening test. 😦

Which meant having to go for a diagnostic test yesterday in which I had to take a super sweet drink and wait 2 hours at the lab for them to poke me 3 times to get my blood. I’ll find out the results by next Tuesday.

I’d been bugging/begging MS dad to consider getting me a treadmill the last few months, and he’d been very reluctant, quite understandably, since we hear so much that a lot of times it just becomes another piece of unused equipment in the house. But I was also adamant that I wasn’t about to go trekking into the forest for exercise, on my own or with the children. That was not my idea of fun or exercise. Last week, he softened his stance and agreed to allow me to get a treadmill. A few days after, we got the news of possible gestational diabetes. Along with that diagnosis, and the thought of being this size even after the baby, the motivation to make good use of a treadmill got even more urgent.

And timing couldn’t have been better – there was a decent sale at Canadian tire this past week – MS dad had to go to 3 different stores to get the model we agreed on. It’s a basic model, but has had good reviews. And we really didn’t want to spend too much money on it. I figure it’s just for me to get moving.

Here it is folded up – we put in our bedroom – it’s a honking big machine. (You’re seeing it reflected in the closet mirror)

I’m usually not so obsessed with my weight during my pregnancies. But this one has been quite unsettling, not just because of the # of lbs per se, but all the other issues that come with being this “chunky”. I’ve had joint pains, the extra effort in lugging around all this weight, which makes me tired, and not being able to get into a comfortable position, whether sitting or lying down. I hear myself grunting and groaning every time I try to change position. It’s awful! The other day, MS dad and I were napping in the family room by the fire. I was lying on my side on the sofa, and he was sitting in a chair next to me. As I was getting up, I had to turn to my other side, and then push myself upright to get off the sofa. As I was doing this, I was umph-ing and oomph-ing. MS dad started laughing at me as he watched me struggle to get off the sofa. Mind you, it’s a leather sofa, not even one of those cushy-sink-into-the-sofa types. He said it looked like I was wrestling with the sofa and trying to loosen the sofa’s hold on me. I’m glad I still make him laugh. haha not.

So I have a appointment with the nutritionist to plan my diet for the rest of my pregnancy. Hopefully I will not have to take any insulin injections. Sigh. Me thinks age is catching up with me.

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