Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | December 5, 2010

My 6.5 year old’s Perspective

I’ve been out of commission for almost 2 months.  During that time, my girls have come to my rescue, taking care of the younger ones, feeding them, and changing diapers as well.  Megalos was unofficially put in charge.  This, my 6.5 year old son caught on very quickly, as evidenced by this exchange between him & I several weeks ago.

I was in the kitchen one early morning getting something to drink.  All the children were still in bed.  But Bubba heard me, and got out of bed.

Bubba: Mommy, what can I eat for breakfast?

Me: There’s banana bread here.  You can have a slice.  (Megalos had baked several loaves the night before)

Bubba: I can’t have banana bread!  I have to ask Megalos first! (said with much shock that I would even suggest doing something without asking Megalos for permission!)

Me: Well, gee, excuse me.  I’m sure you can have a slice.

Bubba: Oh no! I have to ask her first.

Me: ??? (feeling like chopped liver.)

Well, ok then. I know my place in this household. Thank you very much.

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