Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | October 7, 2010


My tendencies have been towards being a grumpy mama.  And I’ve resolved to change that.

A few things that tickled me recently:

My youngest is an official country bumpkin…we went to my dad’s apartment and stepped into the elevator.  Roste walked in and started to freak out when the elevator started moving.  She clawed at her sister’s legs to get her to carry her and hung on for dear life.  She refused to be put down until we got out of the elevator.  Same thing going back down. hahaha.

Observing the fashion conscious…it was rainy day on Tuesday.  We were at a chinese restaurant for dimsum with my dad. There was a group of elderly folk at the table next to us.  I spotted this gentleman with what looked like, at first glance, a brown coconut husk on his head, and a shiny one, at that.  I stared at his head for a while, and then realized that it was a brownish baseball cap, which he had very ingeniously covered with a clear shower cap. HAHAHA.  It was hilarious.  I wished I had a camera with me, but then again, it would’ve been rude to take a picture of it, wouldn’t it?

And yesterday, Roste, who has a penchant for undressing herself, both indoors and outdoors, decided to do it again in the morning.  When we spotted her, I felt the need to frown upon this habit, but we (the girls and I) were trying so hard not to laugh.  She had picked up the boys’ toy truck and tried to “shield” her private parts, and was backing away from me, because she knew I didn’t approve.  It was funny because this brown little girl seemed to meld into the brown colours of the dining room floor and furniture.  The only thing that stood out was this bright blue truck in front of her.

In other news, the children are busy today getting ready for our local Agricultural fair this weekend.  The girls are baking, one of them is entering her flower.  The boys are doing leaf projects.  And this mama is trying very hard not to assist.  I think I might enter in our maple syrup, just to get a one year free magazine subscription. 🙂



  1. Haha MS mum, I had a good laugh about that part about Roste and the baseball hat bit too. LOL.

    i think Hannah has the potential to be the undressing sort too.

    • She needs a straight jacket, this child! The other afternoon, I’d put her in my bed for a nap. I found her sleeping naked under the blanket a few minutes later, thought it was so funny that i reached for my camera, quietly pulled the blanket off to take a picture, then freaked out because she’d pee’d on the bed. blegh.

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