Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | August 27, 2010

Yes, it’s the same dog. The one and only Maple.

Crazy dog. She went visiting at our neighbour’s again, and came back looking like this. Filthy & forlorn. Filthy because she must’ve rolled in some serious pile of dirt…although today she didn’t look like she swam in their pond (in which case, she comes back filthy and smelling like fish). Forlorn because she knows we really don’t like her all grossed up like that, which means a head-to-toe bath in freezing cold water. Freezing cold because our water comes from a well 200 feet down, and…well, (pun not intended) I’m not about to go and boil some water just to give the dog a bath.

And if you’re feeling sorry for the dog (which I do, because freezing cold water is just no fun, whether you’re hairy or not), please feel sorry for me too as I have freezing cold water on my hands too as I rinse her off…twice.


  1. this is really cute 🙂

    • Cute but really gross. She smells like seaweed whenever she comes back like this.

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