Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | August 6, 2010

Project Complete

Warning: Bad photography below…

2 loft beds completed in 6 days.

We modified the original plan slightly. For example, the original ladder was supposed to be those horizontal bars you see at the foot of the bed (coming out from the wall into the room). But since space didn’t allow those ladders to be used, we had to make the ones you see. Also, the original plan called for only 1 board as the guardrail going from head to bottom of the bed, but we thought that looked a little sparse, and doubled it up.

I painted most of the bed white, and personalized it a little by putting in some pastel colours on the X-braces and ladder that reflected the colours in the room.

I was a little taken aback at how high these beds are. I had a baby panic attack while up there, unsure of how to get back down. hahaha. I won’t be going up there very often, that’s for sure.

2 happy girls on their beds

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