Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | July 20, 2010

In Progress

Projects 476 & 477….

Lots of lumber,

measuring twice, checking, cutting, drilling

sanding till your whole body vibrates….then painting, painting, and more painting, then a little more sanding…

Thankfully we’ve had beautiful weather while working outside since Friday (with rain here & there in the evenings)

We’re working on building 2 loft beds for the girls…from scratch (using a purchased plan). Since I don’t do power tools (MS Dad has declined my pleas to show me how to work them), I was limited to checking measurements, eyeballer (making sure MS dad’s drill went into the lumber perpendicular), some of the sanding, and general peanut gallery occupant. But my major job was the painting. I spent 2 days painting, and as the lumber turned white, I was quickly turning brown. And I take back every bad thing I’ve ever said about the pool. It was so nice jumping in after a hard day’s work. 🙂

We are finally at the assembly stage…and encountered several hiccups…the first of which was so pathetic that it was hilarious – we couldn’t get the bolts, washers & nuts screwed into the wood. That was late last night. Fortunately we were able to figure out a solution, but not before wasting about 1.5 hours just to get 4 bolts in. So sad.

Here’s one of the beds – semi done. Ran into another problem – some pieces don’t fit in nicely – so we have to wait till morning to do some fine tuning (cutting). In the meantime, we’re starting to assemble the second one. Maybe we’ll have a easier time with this one…one can only pray and hope!

These beds are big and heavy. So big that Roste’s crib can fit inside with lots of room to spare.

We’re tired. Our brains are fried, physically and mentally. We’re in each other’s face for some things (like measuring, drilling) and spreading out for other tasks (like painting & sanding). We get testy sometimes, especially when something doesn’t look right. But I really enjoy this together time I get with my husband. It makes the project go so much faster knowing that someone’s right there doing it with you.

Well, time to go back to the peanut gallery. Got to make sure the bolts are going in right. I’m sure MS dad misses me very much. 🙂

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