Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | July 5, 2010

Holiday weekend and instant gratification

It was a busy weekend that began last Thursday – Canada Day. We had friends over and had a great time renewing friendships.

Then it was back to work for MS Dad and I – finishing up the long-overdue guest rooms in the basement – him laying down flooring and me painting. I was supposed to paint the rooms, but then I got sidetracked and started painting the doors and casings. It’s times like these I am convinced I have ADD. 🙂

All the doors in the basement are these awe-inspiring brown slab doors, surrounded by these equally awesome wood casings. 😉
So much dark brown in a poorly lit space makes for a rather depressing feel – and after the basement washroom transformation was complete – it made the darkness of the doors and panelling all the more prominent (in a bad way).
(taken without a flash to show how dark it always is down here, even with the dinky overhead light on)

Imagine 3 of these doors in a space of 2.5 feet by 7 feet…
I wasn’t about to spend a dime on new doors, so the next best thing was to pick up the paint brush and paint away. 2 coats of primer and 4 coats of semi gloss white paint later, I now have a bright white slab door – which now makes the floral wallpaper (which I’m guessing is at least 20+ years old and hence stuck semi-permanently if not permanently to the drywall) look like a dirty yellow colour. 2 more doors to finish up, and I’m toying with the idea of putting some trim detail on the door to spruce it up a little more…if I can get MS dad to teach me how to use the mitre saw….

Back to the wallpaper – which will probably be my next project – finding a way to peel off the wallpaper, repairing the walls, and painting them. And AFTER that, tackling the wood panelling all around the family room. But all that has to wait until I actually finish what I was supposed to have been doing in the first place – paint the guest rooms. Focus. FOCUS.

Speaking of focus, or rather the lack of. Remember my garden itch? Well, I picked up a few more little dollar plants. Yay for me. The dog consumed a couple, probably to show her disapproval in being tied up for an extended period of time. My friendly neighbourhood ribbon snake made its appearance, slithering quickly into one of the rock crevices as I approached. I stifled a scream. Stood still while I saw it make its way back out cautiously. Took me another day before doing any gardening there – my plants were desperate to get into the ground – they were wilting in the pots. I cautiously raked around the areas, trying to clear the dead leaves, only to find another curled up ribbon snake tucked in between the rocks. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. How does one do any gardening around here???!!!! Decide to find another area to put plants in. Trying to sweet talk MS dad into helping me get my remaining plants into the rocks.

Today while at the grocery store, I stopped at the garden centre. This time their peonies were half price. Woo hoo. Picked up 2 good-sized bushes. And this is what I’ve decided. I know some people have a weekly budget for buying flowers for their homes. I’ve always loved flowers in the home – but am too cheap to buy them on a regular basis, figuring that it was waste of money to buy something that doesn’t last for very long. However, I figure if I spend a little money buying the right plants for my garden, I could with some planning, get flowers into my home (during growing season obviously). Those peonies cost me $15 for both bushes. Next year, if they grow the way they’re supposed to, the $15 investment should pay dividends….year after year. Now I just have to make sure the dog doesn’t dig them up.

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