Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | June 30, 2010

It’s a tough life

Have I shown you my laundry/mud room? No? Well, come along and I’ll give you a tour.

This picture is taken from the doorway (with no door) of the kitchen to the laundry room. That’s the door leading out to the deck and yard. On the left you can catch a glimpse of those laundry sorter baskets that I talked about some time last year. The dirty clothes get dumped here according to lights, darks, colours, etc. Although, I’ve had a hairy canary a few days ago because some people in this household were not putting the right colours in the right baskets, thus necessitating my sorting of clothes before sending them into the washing machine. And we’re not talking about children who don’t know their colours yet…

ANYHOO, on the right hand side, which you can’t see very well – we’ve got hooks lining half the walls, and then just before you get to the door, are 2 shoe racks that go about 4 feet high, since everyone has about 5 pairs of shoes each πŸ˜‰ Also on the right hand side, there’s the dog’s food bag, and the rabbit’s food and bedding material. And running the top of the right wall are shelves that look like those on the left wall.

Back to the left wall, my lovely washer and dryer….if you can zoom in, you might be able to see that the washing machine is missing it’s lovely knob? Did I mention that after my post on my washer, it took me several minutes to get that contraption yanked out to start the machine? Well, it did, take several minutes, that is.

And on the top of the washer & dryer, on any given day, you will find a dirty diaper or two (waiting to be thrown out in the garbage), fuzz from the dryer lint filter, MS dad’s work gloves, stuffed animals retrieved from a certain 4-legged canine, my tips from doing laundry (i.e. pocket change), and a dozen other odds & ends….basically a junkyard where people coming through that door or people in the house who can’t complete their walk to the outside to throw something out, drop things off.

On the vinyl floor straight out of the ’80s, I have a simple mat that tries its best to keep the dirt from making its way to the kitchen. I really like it – not sure what the material is – it’s not your usual fuzz mat, so stuff like burrs and grass can’t stick to it. And I can just bring it outside to spray it down when it gets dirty, or a dog or 2 year old decides to pee on it.

Usually this mat is littered with a dozen pairs of shoes…mummy gets real cranky when that happens…but it’s clean today…because I’ve been constantly telling the children to put their shoes away.

And good thing too, since we found this right before dinner.

Must’ve been REALLY tired…falling asleep while sneaking some wafers unbeknownst to the entire family.

No, I didn’t just leave her there…I set her down in the chaise in my room – with strict instructions that she be awoken in half an hour, since I didn’t want a wide-awake child at 11pm.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this tour of the laundry/mud room. πŸ™‚


  1. you have a really great sense of humour and reading your post makes me laugh.. haha. your little girl is so cute. really able to fall asleep that way? wow… i never knew that kids can sleep so easily anywhere. maybe i will know next time. i have 2 dogs at home so i’m praying hard she doesn’t enjoy sleeping in their bed…

    • that’s what happens when she hasn’t had a nap in the day. πŸ™‚

  2. such fun to see your house and how you are making it your home! it cracks me up that someone like you who’s terrified of snakes and mice and rats lives in the great outdoors that you do! love to all at home!

    • yah, go ahead…laugh away…I’m glad to know that my distress amuses you, you the outdoor buggy girl. πŸ™‚

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