Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | June 7, 2010

Perils of an outdoor pool

The pool has been opened for swimming for less than 2 weeks and already we’ve fished out our fair share of these…


Leaves from last fall, new leaves that fall when it’s super windy, other tree debris

Loads of dragonflies…big & small, and tiny little insects, bugs, and what-have-you’s

Caterpillars galore…they’re everywhere…on the deck, on the railings, around the pool deck

Toads come for a swim quite regularly, and make a racket in the evenings


A few days ago, we found this floating in the water….no, it’s not a mouse (which was what we thought at first, until we took a closer look at it). It’s a mole…see it’s elongated snout?

And no, I did not fish it out this time as well. Big Mac and Bubba took care of it.


On Saturday morning, we (the children and I…MS dad was out on an errand) found this….ALIVE and SWIMMING

Everyone say….AWWWWW…while I say AWWWW-EEWWWW. Look at that impossibly long tail!


The girls thought it was the cutest thing swimming in the pool and were quite anxious that we do something lest it drown. 

I must say that I felt a twinge of pity for the little thing.  Just a minute twinge.  Just an itsy bitsy moment of sadness for the creature.


But, and that’s a BIG FAT HUMONGOUS BUT. BUT I am still NOT about to go fish it out, and put it in a container.  Can you believe they wanted me to do that???!!!

We watched as it paddled around, with Megalos pleading with me to do SOMETHING.  Talk about stress!

At one point, Big Mac used the skimmer to guide it to the ladder and the mouse was able to rest on the top step with its head sticking out of the water.  That bought it (and us) some time.

Even using the skimmer was a little stressful, as there was a point where Big Mac had lifted the skimmer clear off the pool with the mouse in it, and it looked like the mouse was going to jump along the pole towards her.  (I think I was the stressed one)

But then, it decided to go swimming again. Dumb mouse.  And Megalos resumed her pleas.  “MUMMY! It’s going to drown!!”

ACK! What to do? I didn’t want to toss it out into the garden.  I don’t know why.  It just goes against every fibre of my being…letting a RODENT run off to who-knows-where.


We needed a plan, and quick.  With each passing paddle, the mouse looked like it was sinking and unable to keep its head out of the water.


This is what we came up with….

Yup. A plastic container.  I won’t tell you how hard it was to plop that mouse into the container without the container tipping its content out time after time.


And let me just say that I RISKED my life to get these close-up shots of the mouse. 


Just for you, my dear friends. Just for you.

Any closer and I would be kissing it.


Any closer and it could have jumped onto my camera lens.  


Oh. I guess you want to know what eventually happened to this little thing.


Well, let’s see.

We left it to chill out in the “boat”. The girls wanted to wait for daddy to come home to figure out what to do with it. They felt sorry for it because they thought it was shivering with cold.

Daddy came home. They decided they would “release” it into the woods.

Daddy fished it up into the skimmer.

The silly mouse jumped back into the water.

Daddy fished it up again.

It jumped into the water.

Daddy shook his head and fished it up again.

I asked him how he was going to “send it into the woods.”

He said “Toss it”

I said, “What do you mean??? Toss it??? From there?? (meaning from the poolside)

He said, “Yup”

I said, “You CAN’T toss it from there!! You’re going to whack it against the rocks!” (There are big boulders bordering the woods closest to the pool – we’re talking a 15 to 20 foot distance between poolside and boulders)

He said, “I’m tossing it PAST the rocks” (into the woods beyond)

I said, “You’re going to hit the rocks.”

He said, “DON’T WORRY. It’ll go farther.”

And with that, he winds up to send this poor little mouse sailing across the yard. (Think overhand lacrosse shot)

Now, my husband is a sporty kinda guy. He’s good at sports. And he’s good at physics and calculating trajectory…that sort of thing.

Let’s just say that he had an off day on this Saturday.

We all heard the “thunk”. Yup, ALL the children. There was a long silence.

That was not even close to “farther than the rocks”. It was more like “right INTO the rocks”.

NOW I felt sorry for the little guy. Perhaps I should’ve let it run off into the garden.

It was very very sad.

Megalos was very sad.

It was just sad.

And I’m glad it wasn’t me who had the bad aim that day.

I’m sorry little guy. You deserved better.

The end.


  1. I wont be swimming in that pool. Is it virus free? Mouse do carry hepatitis virus. Better check it out.D

  2. I know this is sad… but it’s really funny too.. i can imagine the whole incident.. honestly i think i am too urban-ize to live there :p but it’s sounds fun

    • hahaha. You’re talking to another urbanized girl here! I’m not sure when or if I’ll ever get used to all this wildlife!!

  3. OMG…full of adventure! remember to cover the pool 🙂 haahaha

  4. you make me want to be your kids.. haha.. i would love such a fun childhood!

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