Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | May 16, 2010

Swept off my feet

I was unceremoniously swept off my feet last Wednesday May 5. I had been feeling a little off the prior week and a half, but my body finally decided to disobey me and I found myself lying in bed the entire day Wednesday and for pretty much the rest of the week. I slept and slept and slept. The 2 girls that sprung from my loins took upon themselves to feed and clothe the younger ones while daddy was at work.

On Thursday night, I went to the walk-in clinic, and saw a Chinese doctor from South Africa. He poked and prodded, stuck a stick down my throat, declared that I had an ugly infection and prescribed me antibiotics. I was so sick of being sick that I didn’t question the antibiotics.
I filled the prescription, and started popping pills that same evening.

My doctor brother-in-law was not impressed.

Friday I slept all day again, waking up only to pop more antibiotics. By Saturday, I was getting a tad annoyed…my fever wasn’t going away. I wasn’t getting better.

Mother’s Day saw me having my first real bite in 5 days – the girls cooked me up some scrambled eggs on toast (on request). I got my handmade cards from everyone, including some artistic circles from Roste. I shuffled my way to the dining room during lunch to watch everyone eat, and then shuffled back to bed with a splitting headache, whether because of whatever was ailing me or because I couldn’t say anything about the mess Roste was making, I’m not sure which.

Megalos was so hopeful that they could still get me sushi for my Mother’s Day dinner, but I suggested that as much as I would love the sushi, I was quite sure it would fall into the category of Unwise-things-to-do-while-feeling-very-bad.

By this time, we were getting pressure (the good kind) to go in to the hospital to get checked out. We decided we would wait just one more day – MS dad had a presentation Monday morning at work, he’d get that done, then if I was still feeling off, he’d bring me down to the hospital Monday afternoon.

So that’s what we did – Monday afternoon we piled into the van and drove down to Mississauga to get me checked out. And as it ALWAYS happens, every time you go to the doctor, your symptoms decide they’ll go bye-bye? Just like that squeaky sound in the car. You live with it for weeks and months, you take it in, and you can’t replicate that sound. Yeah, that be me. I go in and my fever is no more. In fact, I think I went below 36C.

But they were nice – they did all kinds of tests, took so much blood that my veins finally went kaput on them and they could take no more.
In fact the last nurse who was desperately massaging and pumping my hand to get the blood to flow commented that milking a cow would be a lot easier than getting blood from me. Nice. But that’s ok. She was really apologetic about having to poke me so many times, and I’m used to all kinds of comments about my non-cooperative veins.

The good news was I wasn’t SO sick that I needed to be admitted into the hospital. But they still didn’t know what was wrong with me and more tests were ordered. So this past week was filled with appointments for more blood work, and ultrasounds. I was chauffered to each appointment either by my dad or MS dad. In between appointments, I slept and ate soups and porridge. I snuck two mouthfuls of char kway teow one evening, and felt worse that night.

The possibilities of what virus had attacked my body seemed endless. MS dad’s boss mentioned the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), which his own wife had several years ago – I googled that, and found that this virus is responsible for Mono, which is a running joke between MS dad and I. You see, every time MS dad has his little bouts of “malaise” where he feels tired constantly, he moans about the possibility that he has Mono. But he’s really never gotten tested for it. So, when the doctors brought up Mono as a possibility, I laughed at the irony of it. But as the doctors put it, Mono would be the easy answer and the best case scenario. Other reasons for an enlarged spleen and liver might not be as good.

So to make an already long story shorter, we got confirmation on Friday that I did have Mono. How did I get it? I have NO idea. And if you know about Mono, yes, yes, I have NO IDEA JUST WHO I’VE BEEN KISSING 😉 We just figure that my immune system was weak the last few months which allowed the virus to flare up to this degree. For a lot of people the EBV just runs its course like a normal viral infection. And apparently some people just carry the EBV in their systems and never show symptoms – those silent passer-of-germs…sneaky.

Anyway, it’s good to finally figure out what was wrong with me. I have never felt so bad in my life (maybe except when I’m in the throes of morning sickness). But the sheer fatigue was brutal. Moving was slow, my body ached in a thousand places, even when it wasn’t moving. However, I was reminded of a dear friend who, because of an incurable medical condition, probably deals with this on a daily basis. So, I’m going to shut up and stop complaining and thank the Lord that this is something that will pass.

Yesterday was my first day in almost 3 weeks that I was free of the fever, chills & nausea. Praise the Lord! It was such a huge difference. I actually stayed up the whole day and didn’t take a nap. In MS dad’s words, “it’s like a 15,000% improvement.”

I got my cooking duties back, and it took a whole lot longer. My arms ached stirring the pot.

Oops, I’m starting to complain again. I should stop. I’m getting better. And I’m very thankful. My family is very thankful.


  1. so glad you are better!PTL

  2. PTL that you are ok now. I for one don’t know what is Mono LOL … but I’m sure your kids are happy to have you back. Keep well and God’s protection be upon you and family always.

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