Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | March 7, 2010

Why I can’t find a band-aid in this house

There are 5 children in this home.

Any responsible parent would ensure a constant supply of band-aids (plasters).
I’m not one of those parents who have cutesy ones though…no barbies, spongebobs, bob the builder, neon-coloured band-aids.

Just the plain ‘ol plastic ones around here.

If I remember correctly, I had 2 big boxes of them.

Now the rule around here is you can only have a band-aid if there is blood. No blood, no band-aid.

So why can’t I find one when I really need one? The hole I seared in my finger stoking the maple fire is getting bigger because every time I rub my finger on something, the skin around the wound rubs off.

Here’s why: (apologies for the blurry picture, I’m too lazy to go find the camera)

A new use for band-aids

In case you can’t figure out what this is, it’s Moose’s (4) hanging picture gallery in his bottom bunk…held up by some regular tape as well as….yup…band-aids.

I noticed them a few weeks ago. And no, I didn’t yell at him or get angry. I found it too funny. HOWEVER, I did, in my most serious face :), tell him that he was NOT to use band aids for taping purposes.

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