Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | March 5, 2010

uhuh or uh-uh

Can you help me decipher this?

Me: Roste, do you want to go outside?
Roste (20 months): uh uh
Me: Do you want to take a nap instead?
Roste: uh uh
Me: Which one? Outside or nap?
Roste: uh uh


A few months ago, we noticed that whenever we asked the toddler something, her reply would be
uh uh (which sounds like your normal “no”). However, we soon noticed that her “uh uh” actually meant
“yes”. Which was confirmed by her delight when we would give her the thing which she had asked for.

But it really is wierd hearing her say “uh uh” because that usually means “no” to the general public.

Now I have a problem….as evidenced by the little conversation I had with her. Obviously if you want to nap, you can’t go outside. So what does the uh uh mean now? Yes AND no???

Or does the uh uh still mean yes, and a major shriek mean no?

Sigh…the problem with a mostly non-verbal 20 month old….

Here’s a little clip of her “uh uh” – you’ll hear it more at the end part.

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