Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | March 2, 2010

All Things Doggy

Remember this puppy?

January 2010

oohh, she's my size

Feb 2010 – Same girl, same dog

Dog is heavier and sits taller than girl now

Girl likes to sleep on dog’s bed… Dog would like to sleep on human’s bed….not allowed.

Girl eats dog’s liver treats. (no picture since we don’t want to encourage such habits)

Dog’s new friend…Sheena, who comes at least 3 times a day to our home looking for playmates…

It’s been almost 2 months since Maple came into our home and our lives. I was just saying to MS dad last night that if there was such a thing as a perfect “intro” dog for someone who has never had a pet dog in their almost 40-year life, Maple is it. Housetraining was a relative breeze, (although she still has a few accidents in the house, but it’s always our fault) she took to her crate without whining and crying. She’s lost a lot of her baby teeth aka very sharp needles, so my battle scars have diminished. She went through a 6-week puppy obedience class and very quickly earned herself a new name – “show off”. Now that the puppy is done with obedience class, I think I must devote the next 6 weeks to a very overdue toddler obedience class. 🙂

And I now leave you with pictures of the flying dog:


  1. your dog is so cute… how i wish mine has the space to run like yours. 🙂 o.. and i love the photo of your little girl sleeping in the dog bed.. so funny.

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