Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | February 9, 2010

Puppies and Babies

My word, what a boring title!  And it completely doesn’t give justice to how UN-boring puppies and babies are…especially when you put the two together!

In fact, it has been extremely amusing, albeit frustrating dealing with both.  So much so, that I toggle between laughing and yelling at the antics of puppy and baby-turned-toddler.

Wanna guess who I’m talking to in these phrases??

1.  Drop it!

2.  OUCH! Don’t bite!

3.  NO! Don’t touch!

4.  Leave it!

5.  Sit!

6.  Don’t eat that!

7.  Stay!

8.  Be gentle!

9.  You’re driving me nuts!

Answers below…







1. Puppy

2. BOTH! …Puppy is teething…baby is teething and nursing…

3. Baby mostly 

4. Both

5. Puppy

6. Baby….she ate from the dog’s bowl a few times 😦

7.  Puppy

8.  Both

9.  Both

So how many did you get right??!

Sigh…does it sound like I’m in loonyville?


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