Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | January 14, 2010

Family updates

We’ve had an exciting week since my last post. We were busy trapping mice, sealing cracks where we thought they were coming in from, and visited the local shelter to look at getting a cat.

We were very close to getting one that didn’t appear to cause allergic reactions in MS dad and the boy. But decided to go home to talk about it more before going further in the application process.

That was probably a very good idea, because after sleeping on it for a few nights and more discussions between MS dad & I, we came to the conclusion that a cat would just not work in our home, for the time being anyway. For one thing, I know zilch about cats, although everyone I talk to says that cats are easy. Also, any cat we did take home would not be a guaranteed mouser, and more importantly, even if it did catch mice, my concern was what it would do with the mice after catching it. Eat it? Ugh. Play with it? Chew on it and then spit it out? Gross. Hide it in different parts of the house? Double gross. Or proudly drop it at my feet? SHRIEK! No, no. That would not work. I decided that the mouse traps would be a much better alternative…they were out of the way and any mice that would be caught would be the responsibility of MS dad. 🙂

So, much to Megalos’ disappointment, we decided not to go the cat route. (Moose was quite happy since he was very adamant during the shelter visit that “I DON’T LIKE CATS. I LIKE DOGS BETTER.”)

Anyway, long story short, while we were talking about pets, we had also talked about getting a dog. And this Sunday, we finally went to see a puppy that I had enquired about earlier during the week.

A 10-week old yellow lab whose family decided that they didn’t have the time or resources to look after it properly.

They’d named her Bella but we figured that she was young enough for us to change her name. And after a family discussion, we settled on “Maple”.

She’s a delightful little pup, with goofy big paws that flop around when she’s running. She came paper-trained, but we have since trained her to do her business outside (although we have to be very careful not to leave ANY paper lying around, because she’ll potty on it or rip it up).

The children are still getting used to her, and I’ve had to keep a close eye on all of them, just because she’s young and tends to get too playful with them and nips flying fingers. But overall, everyone has been eager to help out with her (we’ll see how long that lasts – got to include dog duties in their chore list!)

Also this week, we agreed to take care of a friend’s bunny for an unspecified (for now) period of time. They are in the midst of preparing their house to sell and to purchase another. So depending on how long that takes, we’ll be keeping bunny for them. Bunnies are…interesting. And deserve a separate post altogether. haha

And in case you’re wondering, MS dad is doing VERY well with Maple. Anyone who KNOWS him, will know what I’m talking about. Let’s just say that I’m very proud of him. He let the dog lick his hands and his head last night. (before he took a shower…. bwahaha)

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