Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | November 30, 2009

Playing with fire

This is our first bushcord of firewood…

It took the children and I the better part of a rainy day to haul & stack almost 3/4 of the pile



City folk using whatever equipment we had handy to haul firewood, however inappropriate
(Our handy dandy toboggan)


Up and down, trying to beat the rain.

Some children took a little longer understanding the concept of

“No work, no eat”


We left some so that MS dad could experience the firewood stacking.  Wouldn’t want him to miss ALL the fun now, would we? 🙂 So we finished the bushcord the next day (Saturday).

Then we started burnin’ the wood in our woodstove. 

And burnin’

And burnin’

So barely 2 weeks later, we decided to get 2 more bushcords

And in true city folk manner, proceeded to take a picture on top of the pile

Then we got to work.  And worked.  And the pile still looked the same size.  We worked till it got dark, and couldn’t see what we were doing.


Next day (Sunday), after family worship & lunch, we got cracking again.


This time, we had 3 extra pairs of hands…adult hands…

although the owners of those hands thought they were just coming up for a visit (insert evil laugh 🙂 )


And the work went SO MUCH faster.  We finished stacking before sunset.  AMAZING.  


Thanks Dad, Sway Ee, and Auntie Min!


And the ultimate city folk maneovre:

Taking a picture in front of our handiwork. haha


The woodstove…ahhhhhh

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