Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | November 12, 2009

My Sweeties

Look what I got from my daughters: (some personal information edited out)

They were in such a tizzy the week leading up to my birthday – trying to figure out what to get for me and what to do for my special day. All week they would have whispering sessions, and when daddy got home I would pretend not to see the mini-conferences that were taking place.

My eldest would ask me what I’d like to receive as a present – and I think my reply was frustrating her a little. “I’d love to have obedient children. That would be a great present!” was one reply. Another time I would say, “If all my children love God with all their heart, soul, mind & strength, that would be present enough!” And she’d sigh, and say, “Maahmmy!”” and walk away.

As the weekend approached, I whispered to MS Dad that I wouldn’t mind getting a wallet seeing how my existing one was not very good at keeping my credit cards securely in place. He passed on the message, and next thing I knew – the girls had my weekend all planned out: We would go out for a birthday lunch (dim sum!), then we would go shopping for a wallet, and a cake of some sort was planned.

Saturday morning rolled around and we started out early to avoid crowds – we went chinese grocery shopping first (which took a whole lot longer than we anticipated), then met my dad for dim sum in Mississauga, and then to the mall. While we were in the mall, my dad, upon learning what we were looking for, informed us that he had a bunch of wallets and bags that had belonged to my mum.

So I decided to put off the wallet purchase to see if I couldn’t find something from my mum’s stash, and we went home without a wallet.

We came home and got cracking on our flooring project – and the girls got busy in the kitchen. It is during these times, where I pretend that my eyes don’t work and I don’t ask them what they’re doing, and try not to laugh at their attempts to “hide” their kitchen project. And even when we smell something burning, I act clueless. haha. Until Megalos comes to me, and says, “Mummy! I’m not really supposed to tell you this, but I don’t know what to do, we put the cake in the toaster oven, and the top’s burning, but the bottom isn’t cooking!!”

They’d made a carrot cake but put it too close to the heating element and the top had gotten charred. Fortunately, there was another batch at the bottom – and that’s what we had for an early b’day cake – carrot cake with a improvised chocolate frosting (made out of chocolate chips)

On Sunday, I got my second birthday installment – 2 cheques, 1 each from the girls. MS Dad and I had such a good laugh about it. Megalos had gotten one of our real checks and copied the look of it to come up with theirs.

The back of the check was even more hilarious:
It reads: “This is not a real check. You can transfer from the computer”

The back of the other check:
This one says: This check is not real. You can get the money from the computer.

Now the reason why they’re saying that I can get the money “from the computer” is because every time they require funds from their own bank accounts, (opened because they were earning paper route money back at our old house) MS dad would have them do an electronic transfer from their accounts to our account, and then he would dole out the cash.

They decided to do the checks since they couldn’t get me the wallet, and they really wanted to get me something.

My final installment came on Monday – a balloon & streamer decorated dining room, a birthday card, 2 big bars of Kit Kat, a bag of brownies, and homemade banana bread (my request, instead of a store-bought cake), and a handmade birthday crown.

I am blessed…and feeling a year older. 🙂


  1. So, so sweet. Happy Birthday!

  2. I want to see the picture of you in the birthday crown =)

  3. You truly had a blessed birthday and may our God who has blessed you much continues to do so in this year ahead! 🙂
    i hope you took pictures of your little ‘birthday party’, i want to see.

  4. hey, sorry i missed your birthday. happy belated birthday wishes.

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