Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | November 10, 2009

Ask and Receive

I’ve been asked specifics about some of our home appliances and what works/doesn’t work in our home.

So, Barb – your wish is my command šŸ™‚ This post is for you!

Here’s the lowdown on our appliances that we currently have: (apologies for the fuzzy pictures – I took them with the mac cam.)

Refrigerator: Maytag 25 cu.ft. with a bottom freezer drawer.

The seal on the refrigerator that came with the house was busted, (not to mention the size was a tad too small for us), and so we were on a look out for a bigger fridge. We weren’t specifically looking for stainless steel – but the price was too good to pass up – it was a scratch & dent (which doesn’t affect the function or seal) on clearance because it was last year’s model. We figured we saved more than 50% off a similar model and paid less than even a white or black model of the same capacity.

We also have a Woods 16.9 cu.ft. upright freezer in the basement. (as opposed to a chest freezer) – I find the upright model a lot better because things tend to get lost in a chest freezer. Ā  We purchased it about 7 years ago, it was a crazy size for our then family of 4. But it has become a very valuable necessity. OK, maybe that’s exaggerating a little. But it definitely allows me to take advantage of grocery sales.

Here’s what it looks like inside right now:

Our washing machine & dryer are GE front loaders. We managed to keep our old ones from the previous house. I think the capacity is only 3.1 cu ft for the washer. Here’s a little peak at the washer:

You asked me what I have. Now here’s what I WOULD LIKE to have šŸ™‚

– if I had the space in my kitchen – i would look for a side by side full size fridge and freezer – not those single units that split the fridge and freezer compartments – those are too small for our family size… i’m talking a fridge-only refrigerator, and a freezer-only freezer put side by side.

Something like this: Side by side

I have a friend who did this in her kitchen – they just put the 2 appliances next to each other, with the handles in the middle so that it looks like 1 big single unit. It looks like those super expensive subzero built-in units but without the cost.

But honestly, I’m very happy with our current fridge/freezer situation.

As for the washing machine – i’ve heard good reviews about Whirlpool Duets or the Maytag Neptunes. Sometimes I wish we had a bigger capacity washer, and DREAM! of having double washers & dryers. But seeing how our current washer & dryer are running fine, I can’t justify getting new ones.

One thing that I’ve found very helpful in our current laundry room (which doubles as an entranceway) are the laundry hampers (see above picture) that double as sorters and keeps the clothes off the floor. Each hamper has a divider, which makes for 4 separate compartments. 1 for whites, 1 for darks, 1 for light colours, and 1 for reds/pinks. The children are responsible for putting their dirty laundry according to the colours. (My plan is to put colour tags on the front of each compartment to help the littler ones). The advantages of this system has been numerous:
1) Keeps the clothes off the ground
2) It teaches the children how to sort laundry
3) The younger children learn their colours šŸ™‚
4) Clothes are already sorted when it comes time to wash
5) I know right away what colour will make a full load. Assuming it hasn’t been stuffed in, 1 full compartment makes 1 wash load.

We’ve had this system in place for about 2 months now and I wonder why I didn’t think of it sooner! I used to have a mountain heap of clothes just on the floor and I would have to pick through the heap and invariably lose a sock here & there.

And here’s something that I am REALLY enjoying in this home:
The pantry

In our other home, I had pantry items in the jacket closet, in the kitchen cupboards, and any spare shelves I could find in the basement. It’s so nice to have everything in 1 place – and I can see what is needed right away.

So there you have it, my attempts to keep up with the needs of our growing family. šŸ™‚ If I think of more “What works for us” subjects, I’ll try to post them.


  1. thanks mama!

    that side by side dream fridge/freezer made my heart beat faster, its oh so decadent.

    we have to leave our nearly new side by side as the next space is too small but i am not complaining as i have a panty lol, i mean pantRy and laundry area.

    the use of what you have is very nice.

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