Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | November 3, 2009

A truck is in our ditch

The trucker is ok.

That ditch is part of our frontage.

See the blue near the top right corner of the photo? – that’s our recycling bin by our driveway.

Afternoon entertainment: The children are standing on the rocks to have a better look see. I just went outside & my neighbour’s telling me that they’ll probably chop down a few more trees to get the truck out.

Great timing – we were thinking we needed more firewood.

Update: Almost 12 hours after the accident, the fuel truck was pulled out and taken away past midnight.  It took so long because they first had to drain out the diesel fuel load the truck was carrying, to avoid contamination of the soil.  We’re hoping that nothing got into the ground.  We’ll be going down there to sniff around to make sure.  And I think we’ll be putting that area out of limits for the children – the cars going up & down that road tend to zip by too fast.  


  1. Did you take note of the vehicle number and check with the municipality in case there is contamination of soil etc – leading to insurance claims?

  2. I don’t think we need to worry. The fire dept was present, the OPP was there. HAZMAT was there. There was a traffic report. They were quite thorough…the OPP officer was telling us that if there was a leak, the ministry of enviro would be involved. So far, so good – no signs of leakage. Also majority of the accident happened on town property (because of the road allowance) so it looks like they’ll be billing the company for the work done.
    Anyway, we’re in contact with roads dept to flw up.

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