Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | November 2, 2009

A Date with the Man

I had a date with the hubby again this weekend.  We had a GREAT time together!


  1. Dug a 40-foot trench 10 inches wide & 8 inches deep.  (Thankfully the ground was not frozen, in fact, it was moist because of the showers we’ve had recently.)
  2. Finished hauling & stacking the firewood, with the help of 4 very enthusiastic helpers.
  3. Moved out our bedroom furniture to prep for laying down flooring in our room.
  4. Ripped up baseboards, carpets, yanked out tack strips, staples.
  5. Discussed our game plan for laying down the flooring, to avoid the pitfalls we encountered while laying flooring in the other rooms.
  6. Went gangbusters Saturday night and Sunday to complete the room, stopping only for meals with the children, and family worship.  

We are now 98% carpet free!  YAY.   If I may say so, we make a great team :)…when we don’t fight. heehee.



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