Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | October 30, 2009

What I Didn’t Know

I thought I knew what “dirty laundry” was. I mean, with 5 children, and outdoor play – you’ve got to expect grass stains, dirt from rubbing along a dirty van, soil stains from rolling on the ground, etc.

WELL! I was in for a nasty shock. I have just spent about 4 hours with the older 4 outside in the rain. Hauling firewood down the hill to the basement, and stacking the logs.

A pink jacket has now become completely black – front and arms
Blue jacket? Black
Beige jacket? Black
The only “clean” ones were mine and Moose’s. But only because our jackets are dark brown and dark green respectively.
Our gloves? COVERED with dirt.

Even Roste, when she was out with us, got black, just by falling on the wet ground.

I can tell my laundry has just got a lot more fun. LOADS of FUN!


  1. And here I am worried to bits about going maid-less next year and trying to figure out lights from darks! If I had your problems in the mix I would freak! 😀

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