Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | October 27, 2009

Being thankful…for mold?

When we ripped out the carpets in the 2 bedrooms in the basement, this is what greeted us..

A wet plywood subfloor…

crumbling drywall behind the baseboards….

and where there is moisture, there is the dreaded mold. 😦 The black stuff is mold. MS dad cut out a portion of the drywall, and the entire section was COVERED with black as charcoal mold.

Now I’ll admit, my first reaction was NOT thanksgiving. It was more like: ARGH! What is that?! Why Lord? This can’t be happening. We can’t afford this. etc. etc.

There were and are still so many other house projects on our list, and fixing a leaky moldy basement was definitely not on that list.  I think I was on the brink of an emotional melt-down.  I’m pretty sure MS Dad was struggling with his emotions as well, since he’s in charge of our finances, but he encouraged me when he told me not to fret.  

It’s been slightly over a month since we uncovered this situation, and we have been busy doing research on what we need to do, and trying to get the right people to come in to quote for mold remediation & basement waterproofing.  All the while, I’ve been trying not to fret, and making a conscious effort to take captive every thought that threatens to make me think the worst of people.

So now instead of dwelling on the negative, I am choosing to be thankful for all the positives…like WHAT you ask?!

Well, for starters, I can be thankful that we found out about the mold NOW, instead of having our health potentially affected by it and THEN finding out that our health was affected by the mold.

Next, now that we know that the basement is leaking, we can dry it up and fix it, and not have to deal with our belongings getting damaged before saying, oops, I guess the basement is leaky.

And finally, instead of spending our money on the “nice-to-haves” projects we initially had planned for the house, and then finding out that we have to shell out major $$$ on this repair, we can re-direct that money to this “must-do” project…and the “nice-to-haves” will just have to wait.   OK, this one isn’t exactly my idea of a positive…. BUT, I’ll CHOOSE to look at it as a positive! 🙂  As in, instead of being 20 feet under debt in the first scenario, we can be like 18 feet under debt. 🙂  

Hey, we need to have a major dose of humour! Otherwise, things will look really gloomy.  If there was a webcam showing our life in this house, you’d see MS dad and I laughing hysterically (ok, the hysterical one would be me) at the things that are happening around here.  I think it’s a mixture of disbelief, nervousness, and tiredness all rolled into one big cackly laugh.

ANYWAYS!  One more prayer request to add under our family’s name – please pray that our health will be preserved while we continue to stay here with the mold in the basement.  We have basically banned the children from going downstairs until the situation is remedied.  And the basement project is scheduled for the last week of November/First week of December. Please pray that everything will go smoothly and that all the trades that need to come in and get this work done will come in on a timely manner.  (Long story…and I won’t go there..suffice it to say that we have had a TOUGH time getting tradespeople in.)






  1. Anything old requires fixing and can be fixed – old houses, old cars, old equipment, and of course old bodies! Mistakes are opportunities for learning and help us become wiser. Those who overcome them are the richer. D

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