Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | October 21, 2009

Sprout Alert

A measly five and a half inches.

That is how much or little, depending on how you look at it, my oldest needs to grow to be the same height as me. Yikes. She’s 4′ 9.5″. That’s 146cm. Compared to my 5’3. And she’s not 10 yet (February 2010).

In these pictures, she looks like a giant. It may be the angle of the camera lens. Big Mac is not that much shorter than her big sister. She’s 4′ 2″, not bad for her age group.

I think I’ll put some lifts in my shoes.


  1. Tell Megalos she’s only got 2 inches to go…ya think she can do that in 4 months.

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