Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | October 19, 2009

Going to the Fair

We’ve been on full steam ahead for house projects for the last few weeks, but we marked off Sunday Thanksgiving day to go to the Fall fair in our town.

The children had been looking forward to this Agricultural Fair since they found out about it back in August.

It was a cold blustery day and we had our winter jackets and gloves on.

There were farm animals, farm equipment, dog show, competitions for just about everything from biggest pumpkin to best butter sculpture to baby with the most hair…I almost entered Roste in that, until I found out that it was for babies up to 12 months. I figured we would be a shoe-in since Caucasian babies are generally pretty bald!

There was also an amusement park and to minimize the damage to our pockets, we allowed the children to choose 3 rides each.

Their first pick: Ferris Wheel

The 2 younger ones and I stayed earth-bound.

The view from up top – looking southwest
We live about 3 minutes south of town.

Next ride: the ever popular carousel – and the horses actually go up and down, which is a lot more fun than those stationary ones.

Hey Moose – open your eyes when you smile. Bet you can’t!

This mini dragon roller coaster was chosen by the boys and they were the only ones on the ride so they got to sit right up front.
Here’s them coming down the first dip – a look of trepidation on their faces

2nd pass. I think the older one is regretting his choice of ride

He’s looking a little pained

Moose is enjoying himself now. Older brother – not.

I guess for the little people, this dip is enough to cause that stomach upheaval.

I’m not a very sympathetic mum I guess. I’m cracking up now because every pass is the same: the little one is smiling and laughing, and the older one is grimacing and looking like he’s going to puke.

And I’m mentally counting the number of times the ride operator is letting this ride go around. I’m half thinking he’s purposely torturing the boy because he’s seeing what I’m seeing – an unsmiling child. Maybe he’s seeing how long it’ll take to get the boy to crack a smile.

They went around 9 times, the poor boy.

Their last ride went a lot better:
Smiley boys & sister

in a girly train

That’s more like it.

We headed home at around 5:30pm when we got too cold. Then the girls informed us that there would be fireworks starting at 6:30pm. I checked the schedule and saw that they were holding the demolition derby at that time as well. I had just started making dinner, and the children were eating some warmed-up apple pie with ice cream. So they wolfed it down, and MS dad hustled the older ones out to catch the demo derby and fireworks.

They came home at around 8:30pm, chilled to the bones. They didn’t catch any fireworks. Just the derby. Fireworks weren’t starting till 9:30ish, and they were too cold to wait.

All in all, it was great getting out. Not worrying about the house projects. Just some carefree fun with the children.

Foot note: the boy was looking over my shoulder as I uploaded the pictures. When he saw the photo of me laughing when they were on the roller coaster, he asked me why I was laughing at him. AND he told me he didn’t like that ride.

Oops. 🙂

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