Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | October 18, 2009


WARNING: Contains images that may be disturbing to some audiences. Viewing discretion is advised.

🙂 This is related to my earlier post on the unfortunate discovery of a certain 4-legged creature

Firewire found – so here come the pictures:

Here is MS dad starting to take down the wall-oven. The door to the oven – it just came right out – no screws, nada, zilch.

You can’t see it clearly in this picture – but there’s a space all around the wall oven and the cabinetry. No seal. Hence, Mr. Mousey probably thought it would be a nice warm place to hide in.

And got stuck. Then got decapitated. And roasted.

OK. Fair warning. If you’re squeamish, you’ll want to skip the next 3 pictures. I’m having a hard enough time uploading them and posting them here. When I know I’m coming up to the objectionable photos, I’m squinting so I don’t have to look at it full-on and then doing a cut & paste with the images. Go ahead, laugh at me. I’m a wuss. You knew that already.

Last chance…

Want a closer look?

Here’s another angle


Now, really. Can you blame a poor girl for screaming her head off when she is faced with this nightmare?

Here’s the rest of our mini demolition of the kitchen: The cabinets all around the fridge – all gone. Why?  Because Mr & Mrs Smarty Pants bought a bigger fridge that won’t fit in the existing space where the current fridge is housed.

I freecycled the old fridge – they were supposed to come pick it up today, but called to say they weren’t able to make it until tomorrow evening….AFTER the Mr & I huffed and puffed it out of the house. So now the fridge is sitting outside, and all my stuff is in coolers. grr.

And now, since I might have traumatized you with those awful photos, I feel obliged to end this on a pleasant note:

Our booger-encrusted Roste. She needs her bangs trimmed.

This next photo is blurry – but I just wanted to show you her going-to-sleep outfit…

You think maybe we should crank the heat up a little more???

You know, as I was looking at this picture, I’m wondering…that hole down on the left – where the wires are sticking out (for the wall oven)…do you think, maybe…?? hmm…. nah….


  1. oh i do like these mouse pictures! good job Megalos! you took them well! you guys are amazing and we are in awe!

  2. Rachel, um, how should I put it?…

    You’re…sick. 🙂

    Can you believe I still haven’t looked at the picture closely? I just avert my eyes and scroll past it.

  3. stumbled on your site while checking out angie’s. love the mouse pics…what can i say? i have boys!
    ps we live in a hdb flat and had a mouse make a nest under our fridge.

    • Hi Barb!
      Thanks for dropping by! Nest of mice??! Shudder….

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