Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | October 17, 2009

For the Sports Fan

First things first – I’m not really into sports. As in participating in them.

I don’t mind watching sports, if I had to. I’m quite sure I went to all of MS dad’s badminton competitions back in high school (his personal cheerleader haha) But I don’t play any racquet sports, my swimming skills are limited to doggy paddles and a personalized 😉 version of the breast stroke, and maybe floating on my back :), I get a stitch after running for 5 minutes….Suffice to say, the annual PE test they put us through back in Singapore was the bane of my schooling (well besides Mandarin classes)…anyway, you get the idea.

On the other hand, for my older brother, sports is second nature to him.

He plays soccer, swims, runs, does triathalons, etc. etc. I feel like a sloth next to him. 🙂

And to show you how dedicated he is to the sports culture, he started a website to showcase sports in Singapore. For free, no less. It began with a focus on sports at the school level a couple of years ago, but has since expanded to include so much more.

And I know you’re just dying to know what that website is…so I’ll just stop rambling and provide the link.
Here’s the website: Redsports – The Singapore Sports Story

Please go and visit it and tell your friends about it…especially if you’re in Singapore, or not.

And no, he didn’t twist my arm to put a plug in for him. I just thought it would be a nice thing for a little sister to do for her older brother. 🙂


  1. ha.ha. my son,isaac, has been his greatest fan since he started, just to show you how popular his website is 🙂

    • Yay! That’s good to know. When it first started, we had a good laugh watching the video interviews they had — the children could hear the Singlish first hand! haha

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