Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | September 10, 2009

Our new friends

I didn’t do it. MS dad has been too busy at work to have done it. The children didn’t do it.

Dig holes in the backyard that is. Many MANY holes. Some small, some large. But no tunnels…yet.

Off to google it – Could be squirrels, rabbits/hares (I can handle), moles, voles (ugh), snakes (EEKS!)

This just about has me wanting to flail my arms wildly and run screaming back to the city. WAAAHHH… BUT, as my dad has reminded me – I must not be like the Jews complaining in the wilderness, and wanting to go back to Egypt.

So, I will suck it up, and control myself 🙂 Did I tell you I have mouse traps in the kitchen?….just in case.


  1. […] when I upload the picture, you can take a guess. Until then, perhaps I should put out the mouse traps […]

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