Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | July 31, 2009

House Saga Part 1

Oh where do I start? I know I promised in this post on the new house that I would share our house hunting saga with you.

And after the Lord convicted me about my discontentment, I knew I had to go back & reflect on God’s goodness to us.

Perhaps the easiest, least confusing way is to give you a timeline of events that at times seemed never ending. So here goes.

To many people, it would appear that the house sale & purchase both happened very quickly, as we completed both transactions in the course of 2 days. But really, how we got to those last 2 days was actually a journey of 3 years.

May 2006 (yes, the house saga begins here): After the birth of Moose, our 4th child, in January 2006, we were itching to do something exciting. In March, I got my Airmiles (a rewards program) statement, and noticed that they were having a special on airfares to Calgary (i.e. the # of points needed was quite reduced). So I browsed around the internet, trying to figure out how feasible it would be for a family of 6 to make a trip out to the West Coast (Alberta & B.C.). RV’ing (motorhomes/recreational vehicles) kept popping up. I researched it, thinking it would be quite exciting (and at the same time a tad intimidating!)

MS dad & I discussed it, we did some number crunching, compared RV’ing to the traditional rent-a-van & stay at hotels option, and came to the conclusion that with our size family, RV’ing would be more economical AND more exciting.

Moose trying out a hat in preparation for the trip

(How many times have I used the word “exciting”? Can you tell we were looking for excitement?? I think we were on a baby-high.)

Anyhoo, I gave him all the details he needed to make the final decision – and that he’d have to make a decision really quickly so that we would be able to coordinate the airmiles, flight details etc. etc.

He checked his work schedule, figured out how to work around month-ends, and called me from work one day and said “Book it!” He was going to play the “parental leave” card.

In the course of a week and a half, we’d made plans to go on a month-long RV trip with 4 children ranging from 6 years to 4 months old. How totally irresponsible and spontaneous is that?! Considering we’ve never done the RV thing before, let alone with 4 children in tow!

 The 30-foot RV (on the left!) that was our home & transportation for the month

The next few weeks were spent figuring out how to pack light for 6 people (since we had to fly to Calgary to pick up the RV) but for literally all seasons (driving through the mountains at that time, we knew that some areas would still be freezing). We needed to be ready for zero degree or 30 degree weather.

We considered driving the RV from Toronto, so we wouldn’t have to worry about packing luggages for the flight but decided against it as the drive is not known to be all that exciting (remember the “e” word), and driving across the flat prairies was not very appealing.

—to be continued….

One day in shorts & swimsuits….

…another day in sweats & jackets.
 On Athabasca Glacier. The trick to packing light – layering.


  1. thanks for the tip. i am figuring how to pack for New Zealand in Sept (early Spring – still cold) Yup! we’ve been “forced” to take leave in Sept cause the Nov slot is taken by my colleague who is going to Israel. So Toronto will have to wait…

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