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Babies are cute and sweet.
Babies grab or sometimes kick,
but they are funny.
Babies are playful and sometimes
cry when they are hungry,
but they are funny.
(Roste) was born in July
and she is so cute & sweet.
She will sometimes smile
in her sleep or go to sleep
while we rock her.
Babies are cute and sweet.

To Mommy & (Roste)
By Megalos
July 2008

Our little girl is 1 year old!  She has brought so much joy & laughter into our lives – She is the product of our decision to allow God to determine the size of our family.  

The poem above was written by our eldest daughter (then 8.5) after the birth of Miss Roste.  We loved it so much that we got it framed and put up on our wall.  It has touched our hearts to see & feel the love that our older children have expressed since Roste was born.  To God be the Glory!



  1. Babies and children are truly blessings! As I was watching my 14 month old grandson strut through our kitchen today, I asked myself,

    “How can it be that strutting toddlers are so absolutely irresistable?”

    Sweet Poem! I have a post on my “Toes” on my website with pics!

    Granny Pants

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