Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | December 19, 2008


Environment Canada issued a weather bulletin a few days ago predicting a series of snowfalls this week and next, calling it a possible snow-mageddon. hahaha. Those jokers…

NOT. It started Wednesday. 10cm worth.

This morning – it started to snow again. And it got windy. It’s still snowing outside as I type this at 8:30pm. The weather forecast was for 15-20 cm for the Greater Toronto area. And we’re blessed to be in that Niagara peninsula snow belt region.. So we’ll be getting 30cm. We’re supposed to get another 5-10 tomorrow, and then another 15 on Sunday. And there’s more snow next week.

This is the snow the children have been asking for since summer. And they’re getting their wish. The girls were outside this afternoon, taking a break from making christmas gifts. And now the children and MS dad are outside again.

All bundled up – ready to attack the snow in the back:

MS dad had to shovel their way to the garage –

Me thinks there’s more than 30cm

Look! An apparition!

Boy, it looks like fun.

Sure wish I could be out there with them.

Too bad I got to stay indoors with the baby.

Baby has a cold.



  1. i feel your pain.I don’t think we got it quite as bad but I’m pretty sure this year is worse than last.

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