Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | March 10, 2008

Let it snow, Let it snow…

no more please.As much as I love the snow, this is getting ridiculous.  We are very close to breaking a 1940 record of 208cm of snow.  And winter’s not done yet.  This past week we got dumped with 45 cm of snow in 2 separate storms. But I guess we should be thankful we don’t live in Ottawa.The children are enjoying it but I’m looking forward to spring.  I’ll have to dig out my camera and take some pictures before it starts melting in a few days.  


  1. oh i couldn’t agree more! I am SOOOO sick of snow & worse still, ice! incidentally,my man is in Ottawa today and will be there till Fri.

  2. We are getting some freaky weather in Singapore too. Continuous rain for 4 days, and the temperature dropped to a record low of 21 degrees!

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