Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | November 29, 2007

In Case You’re Wondering…

…I’ve been busy getting intimately re-aquainted with a certain shiny porcelain bowl. 

I might not have the energy to post on this blog for a while.

Your prayers for the hubby and children and me would be greatly appreciated. 



  1. Oh dear, yes I was wondering. Our prayers are with you. Hang in there.

  2. You are in our prayers my dear! Hang in there!

  3. I can definitely relate, I am sorry you are feeling so poorly!

  4. You and everyone there are in my prayers – when I wake up, when I am on the threadmill burning off 300 calories for one hour of work at 3.7 speed, covering 4 kms in total each day and every day. Keeps my BP to 130/80 and sugar levels to within limits (all recommended by Dr.Lee). Thighs ache, then leg aches followed. But tummy gone flat, weight deflate and, with it, gasing less! I see a lady with I estimate, a late trimester doing exercise on the ski-step machines. May be worth a shot. A break from routine of household work.

  5. Have a blessed new year!
    You should be feeling better soon enough.
    July isnt that long away and you will miss being pregnant..ha..ha
    Miss your updates on the blog though.
    Hope the girls received their earrings intact.
    take care of yourself and the little ones!

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