Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | November 2, 2007

In His Time

2 weeks ago while surfing on MLS (the online real estate listings), I came across a new listing.  It sounded beee-u-teee-ful…100 acres, 4 bedrooms-2 baths solid home, farmer retiring, and get this…your very own LAKE!! no, not some hole with water in it, not a little pond that disappears during dry season, but a LAKE!  The price was on the higher end of our budget… oh alright, technically off our budget (seeing as we are trying to be mortgage-free), BUT a LAKE…that’s worth having a mortgage, no?

I show this to my husband and we both agree that the price seemed quite unreal and figured there was either a) something totally wrong with this property or b) something totally wrong with this property.  In any case, we figured it was worth a call to our real estate agent and a drive up (2 hours) and the earlier the better.  This was a Friday night.  It was too late to schedule a showing for the next day.  We didn’t think we could wait till the next weekend to check it out.  So hubby said he would check his work schedule to see if he could take the Wednesday off.  On Saturday, I ask him if he’s checked his schedule. Nope.  On Sunday, I ask again.  Nope.  Monday rolls around, he goes to work.  I call him to remind him to check his schedule, so that I can contact the agent.  He promises to get back to me.   I go into the website and punch in the listing number.  AAAAAARGHHHHHH it’s not there.  I punch it in again…NOOOOOOOOO, it’s gone.  😦 Sob sob. I call my hubby back and tell him not to bother checking his schedule. 

Yes, I know, I know… There is no such thing as “bad timing” in God’s plan…buh, buh, but, but, but…oh hush.

 Here’s another property with a lake on it as well.  Listing for DOUBLE what the other was asking for. DOUBLE.  DOUBLE.  boo hoo hoo.  Oh hush up.

There’s probably something wrong with the property anyway. 😉

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