Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | September 28, 2007

Breaking Habits

This is what I found 5 minutes after putting the 21-month old into his crib for his nap.

No, his finger is NOT broken. But that IS medical tape to prevent him from sucking his thumb. So sad. But with a 3.5 year old still sucking his thumb, with no end in sight, I thought I’d try to break the younger’s habit sooner.

Surprisingly, he cried for only a little while before falling asleep. We’ll see what happens later on though. I’m thinking he’ll put up a bigger fight when he’s not so tired.



  1. Hi–I’ve found that when there’s an older child with a habit, the youger one will imitate.
    Thumb sucking may disappear when a child gets involved with a peer group. Let us know how the tape works!

  2. Hi NP,
    Thanks for the input. Yes, I’ve heard that when the children get involved in peer groups, usually the start of school, they stop doing it, in public at least.
    The “problem” for us though, is that we homeschool, thus eliminating that avenue. 🙂
    So we’ll have to find another way.
    And as I predicted, the next nap didn’t go as well. Or rather, it didn’t happen at all. He cried the entire time.
    I’ve become soft-hearted. He’s back to sucking his thumb, until I figure something else out. 🙂

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