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What’s in a Name? Tag you’re it..

What's your name? T-Shirt

I’ve been tagged by Pilgrim Mom with this question:

“What is the meaning of your kid’s name?”

Well, I’m going to see how I can do this without actually telling you my children’s names!  So I guess this is a good time to introduce blog names for my 4 children.

1) Megalos – we had a short list of names before she was born but waited until she was born to decide which one to use.  After her birth, we picked the one that we felt suited her.  The root word comes from the Greek word “mega” meaning great.  (Not because she was big; in fact she was my tiniest baby at birth – 6 lb 3 oz).  While in the hospital, my husband came up with another name out of the blue – Faith.  So her name was to be M. Faith (last name).  But when you said her name quickly, Faith + lastname sounded too much like “fatso” in chinese, so we flipped the names, Faith being the first name and M as a middle name.  To confuse the matter even more, she goes by her middle name.  Her chinese name means bright and beautiful.  So put together, her first and second name means “great faith”, which was especially meaningful at the time, as my mum had just been told that her cancer had returned after having been in remission for more than 7 years. 

2) Big Mac – this one stayed nameless for quite a while.  Here in Canada, the government gives you 30 days to register for a birth certificate, in effect giving you 30 days to name your child! I think we took almost that long to come up with her name.  Yes, we got ribbed about having 9 months to think of a name.  But hey, we’re in the camp where we want to see what the baby looks like before sticking him/her with a name that’ll go with them for the rest of their life!  Anyway,  in keeping with tradition, Big Mac goes by her middle name as well – which is the female form of a Hebrew name meaning “defender of God’s people”.  Her first name is also of Hebrew origin meaning “God has shown grace & favour”.  Her chinese name means bright, petite & dainty (bright & petite she is, we’re working on dainty).

3) Bubba – His first name is of Hebrew origin meaning “defender of God’s people” and his middle name is the Welsh form of a name meaning “God is gracious”.  And He certainly was, because He allowed my mum to live to see her 5th grandchild born, shortly before she passed on.  The chinese characters of Bubba’s name separately mean elegant/suave and virtuous.  But stuck together it becomes respectable scholar.  Not sure how that works.  My chinese ranges from pitiful to non-existent.

4) Moose – His first name is also of Hebrew origin meaning “beloved one”.  His middle name is an English form of a Hebrew name meaning “my God is Yahweh”.  His chinese name means respectable and victorious/triumphant.

Are you thoroughly confused yet?  Oh, and since we didn’t want to be accused of showing favouritism, all the children go by their middle names.   Admittedly, it gets messy when you’re trying to fill out forms for the children.  Do I put their middle names under the “First name” column, since that’s the name they go by?  Or maybe put a circle around their middle name with a footnote that says “this is the name they go by”?  It gets really messy when we’re in a waiting room and their first name gets called and if we’re not paying attention, we don’t respond since we’re not used to hearing their first names called, since they go by their middle names… hahaha

So there you have it…12 names (15 if you consider each chinese character as 1 name) for 4 children…it’s a mouthful, but I like filling out forms 🙂




  1. Hi there–I was also tagged with this (my first) and I think you did a terrific job!
    Thanks for the interesting read and for sharing these thoughts.

  2. Hi NP,
    Thanks for dropping by. I’ve been on your blog from Pilgrim Parent and have enjoyed reading your blog.

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