Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | May 15, 2007

Having Sew Much Fun

Introducing my new hobby….sewing. 🙂

I’ve had 2 sewing machines, both handed down to me, sitting in the basement for several years now, untouched…because I didn’t know how to use them, and frankly, a little intimidated by them.

Well, in my quest to put the girls in clothing that make them look like innocent girls, rather than miniature strange women, I finally took the plunge and determined to figure out how to sew.

To start, I borrowed some books from the library, and out of the 3 books, I’m embarrassed to say that the only one I could understand was the one written for children.  The other 2 were way over my head.  😦

But I’m happy to report that after about 2 weeks of just “doing it”, learning as I go along, I’ve been able to put together a few skirts, a couple of pantaloons, and even a dress.  Just don’t look too closely though!

The skirt that Big Mac is wearing is hand-sewn. This is before I figured out how to work the machine. It survived the wash test, so I’m happy. The older one is wearing the third skirt – sewn with the machine. I was quite excited when I managed to decipher the pattern instructions on putting on the flounce!(that’s the frilly bit at the bottom)

My 2nd and 4th skirts, 1 hand-sewn, the other with a machine.

My most recent creation – a dress! and it looks like one too! heehee

And my absolute favourite…
Not the dress (that was a $2 purchase from EBAY – which turned out to be too short for Big Mac), it’s what’s underneath….pantaloons. It prolongs the life of a too-short dress, AND it allows the girls to play without me stressing about them exposing themselves 🙂 I think they look so cute!

I found a Persian lady through the internet that offers sewing classes.  This past weekend I took a free 3-hour lesson on machine basics – it was worth it 🙂 …she managed to figure out how to thread my machine properly.  I knew something was wrong with the way I was doing it…the thread kept bunching up and I was wasting so much time ripping out seams before I took the class. 

Now we have to figure out if it’s worth paying $25/hour for private lessons to learn how to sew the right way.  (As I said earlier, don’t look too closely at my projects…it’s a mess on the inside)  This lady has been sewing since she was 4…she’s 54 now.  And she’s GOOD.   A lost art…that’s for sure… fine sewing…not just piecing fabric together and hoping it won’t fall apart. 

Sewing – a new subject to be included in the girls’ school curriculum.  My husband sees the value of me taking the sewing classes…. he considers it a “train the trainer” course. hmm..


  1. Congratulations! I agree that sewing is a lost art and it is rather unfortunate considering the joy and satisfaction that comes when you complete a project. I love the pantaloons, they are adorable and as the mom of a 4.5 yo, I couldn’t agree with you more about having her actually look like a little girl. I recently started back sewing and I am making a quilt but I do hope to fit it back into my life. Best of luck and I can’t wait to see more or your sewing projects.

  2. Completely. In. Awe. 🙂

  3. As I said, don’t look too closely..there are definite imperfections. might pass wal-mart standards..maybe…haha

  4. Wow! Amazing! For a first timer, you have indeed made very fast progress! Skills can be acquiredI like sewing clothes, too, and sewed a pair of shorts good enough to wear on a cruise trip when I was 16. But I lack precision and decided that I can sew but will probably end up with one side longer of a top or bottom! 🙂 Now, my husband is more interested in the sewing machine than I am!

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