Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | May 14, 2007

mondaymummy.jpgSometimes in the busyness of each day, I find myself wishing I had a video camera stuck to the side of my head that takes in all the action, so that I can rewind the tape and watch the day’s events unfold at a more leisurely pace. Especially when the children do or say something that’s hilarious or sweet.

Obviously that’s not going to happen, so this Monday Mummy Memories will be the next best thing.  It’ll be a time when I can write about something that blessed this mummy’s heart, to remind myself of the wonderful priviledge that I’ve been given, to raise my children to be mighty warriors for God.

Today, I sent the children out in the backyard to play.  A little later, I saw them sitting on their little chairs – lined up along the back steps.  I couldn’t make out what they were singing from inside the house, so I opened the door to listen.  They were singing “Praise the Lord Together” in rounds. 

I then proceeded to give my oldest a big bear hug, kissed her and told her I loved her.  She giggled.  I continued down the line, doing the same thing to my 5yo girl.  As I was telling her that I loved her, my 3yo son looked at me and said indignantly, “Hey mummy! Where’s MY hug?” 

He was pleased when it was his turn.  He’s a huggy kind of boy.  🙂


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