Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | March 19, 2007

Hooked On Wool

Since I’ve started cloth diapering the boys back in October last year, I’ve been wading through….no, not stinky diapers…(well sometimes they are) the never-ending options that come with cloth diapers. 

Fitted, pre-folds, AIOs, PUL  vs wool covers, snappi’s vs pins, wet/dry pail, etc.  It was totally overwhelming.

But the most exciting find that I came across was the wool covers.  Basically, all cloth diapers need some kind of wetness barrier (unless you don’t mind getting your furniture or yourself wet by baby).  To achieve this, there are plastic covers you can use.  However, during my research, I came across a few sites touting a natural alternative – wool.

Now, the word wool makes me itch just thinking about it.  I couldn’t stand wearing wool myself, and the thought of putting it on the baby (and me having to touch it) was not appealing at all.

I continued to read as much as I could on it, and finally decided to give it a try.  I found a lady on ebay who sewed wool pants using recycled sweaters.  I picked up 1 each for the boys. 

 This is the baby in American Eagle Outfitters 100% lambswool longie with a inside lining made with 100% merino wool

 And cool dude sporting a GAP merino wool longie.

Well, the wool was soft as a baby’s bottom…no joking. 

So why wool?  In short, because wool is anti-bacterial, self-cleansing, breathable, and odor-resistant.  Even after it’s been peed on, it doesn’t smell. You can ask my hubby – I stuck one in his face to prove a point.  He was not amused.  But he had to admit that it didn’t smell.  The only smell on it was the yummy wool wash soap that was used on it.

Now the only problem is that I’ve become just a tad addicted to accumulating more wool covers (both long & shorts).  This might undo the economical benefits of cloth diapering. 🙂


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