Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | February 23, 2007

What to Do in a 20’x20′ Backyard

Alas, the search goes on for our “home in the country”.  The desire to live out in the country is still alive and well.  

In the meantime, we try to find creative uses for our little outdoor oasis.  So far this winter, we’ve managed to have an ice rink (courtesy of a week-long arctic cold spell back in January) and now a decent-sized tobogganning hill (thanks to a Valentine’s Day snow storm, that dumped about 50cm of good ‘ol white stuff). 

Our backyard as the snow came down

The teacher made an executive decision.  School was cancelled. It was a snow day.

Here’s me clearing our ice rink

The finished product

I try not to worry about how my poor plants are faring (they’re on the perimeter of the backyard). The kids have probably done a number on them as they slide down and crash into the flower beds.

Here’s a picture of our backyard in the summer. Did I mention that we camped out there once last summer? (It was just to break in our new tent)


  1. Having tobogganed in said outdoor oasis, I can testify that the management of Mustard Seed Academy certainly make creative and full use of it 🙂 Hugs to the kids. Seeing these pictures brings back wonderful memories!

  2. Yes, I was contemplating on posting a picture of pilgrim parents on said toboggan.
    But decided against it in the interests of national security. 😉

  3. great! wish we were there to try out the rink.

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