Posted by: raisingmustardseeds | January 15, 2007

End of Year Birthday

For Big Mac’s first “official” birthday party (yes I know – she’s 5…this is what happens when your birthday falls between Christmas and New Year’s), I thought it would be neat to make it revolve around something which she enjoys…hence, a baking theme.  After careful thought about the ages involved however, I ended up getting all the baking done ahead of time. 

The kids decorated sugar cookies shaped like flowers and then “planted” them into clay pots that were filled with “dirt” (just chocolate pudding and crushed oreo cookie crumbs mixed with butter to harden the whole mixture).  And for fun, I had the plant a couple of gummie worms into the dirt.

Here are some of the finished products:


After that, the kids helped to make her birthday cake – they decorated the cupcakes that made up the top half of the cake.

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